info please ref flecanide

hi all my arythmia nurse specialist put me on flecanide a month ago to try and encourage my heart to go back into its normal synus rhythm without the need for cardioversion, I have been taking two 100mg tablets a day one morning one evening but as of yet they are having little effect!!! how long would i normaly have to take them before they acctualy do the job, any input would be good thanks all

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  • I don't wish to be pessimistic but think they should have done it by now if they were going to. . Why not ring her and discuss the situation.


  • Bob, I had a cardioversion 4 months after going back into AF post operatively. It was successful. The reason for the delay was that they had forgotten to book the appointment and I would probably still be waiting if I hadn't chased them. They were going to do it while I was still in hospital but I declined. The cardiologist did say that there is a better success rate the sooner it is dealt with.

  • Sorry Mrspat now I am completely confused. Does this relate to the question from Billbo47 or another post we have been on? DC Cardioversion can be a useful tool but as we have seen elsewhere there are anticoagulation requirements before it can be performed so many medics will try drug therapy first by chemical caradioversion.


  • Yes, it was a reply to bilbo47 post. I may have misunderstood but I thought you were saying that they would have done the cardioversion already of they were going to.

  • No I was trying to say (rather badly it seems ) that if the drugs were going to work they would have by now. We know that they won't do DCCV unless you are on anticoagulation or it is within 24hrs of starting the arrhythmia so I wasn't even going there. Understand your post now!

    Regards Bob

  • Agree with Bob you should press the nurse again- lots of people have given their experience of flcanisde elsewhere on this site- it seems to work for some and not for others. Don't increase the dose without instructions from the doctors as it's a powerful drug.

    hope you get sorted out soon but does sound as it you have to be a bit pushy with those treating you!!

  • Doesn't seem to be working that well with me my heart still jumps all over the place even when I have taken 200mg a day and worse at a higher does. Some mornings I was getting up with the heart jumping. Since I avoided it for many hours my heart settled down with only the odd palp.... I'm back to 100mgs a day and less if I can manage it and taking as and when.

  • Update of my recent post about flecanide, I am still taking the drug daily as instructed by my specialist, as yet there is no drastic change i seem to be flipping in and out of AF randomly (typical me to be honest) still not been cardioverted yet because it as took me severel attempts to persuaid my anticolagulant nurse that my INR needs to be 2.8 to 3.0 for four clear weeks before they will do it, my target INR stands at 2.5 and she is sticking to it, why don't hospital departments talk to each other? why should i be the one doing the phoning up, anyhow my INR is now 2.9 and on track so lets have a shocking time

  • Well, good luck with the electrics and with the INR. I found it best not to take too much exercise but try to keep to the same every day - INR always seemed lower after lots of walking. Sit about and it goes up.

    Yes, hospital departments. I once went to A & E after a walking accident, and back for a second time and they were surprised I wasn't in plaster and the fracture clinic was surprised the cut hadn't been stitched.

    Quite a few of us have been instructed to take 150mgs x 2 of flecainide a day. It did not control AF perfectly for me and I felt I had little scope to take more to zap any occurrence. I'm now (post ablation) gradually dropping it (50mgs x 2 per day currently) and feel happier with the idea that I can top up with an extra 100mgs if needed.

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