Hi all , just had a call from my pharmacist saying they can't get hold of my 50 mg flecanide tablets , apparently it's a manufacturing problem , I rang the doctors and have to return the prescription to the doctors for them to give me a alternative which I don't even want to go there and try getting used to another drug , just a load of assle for me as I'm out working from 5 in a morning till 5/6 in an evening , I'm in Mansfield Nottinghamshire is anyone else having this trouble , cheers Paul

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  • There is currently a supply problem with this drug as is often the case with any drug. My spies tells me that the manufacturer has done a batch (locally here in Barnstaple) so it is just logistics now. This problem has been aired for a week or two now.


  • Thank you bob , going to try and get doctors to give me 100mg ones and half them this month don't want to go on another drug , cheers Paul

  • Hello, I got my 100mg flecainide prescription no problem yesterday from boots, this was in the derby area.

  • Hi there ,my pharmacy have the 100 mg ones but a shortage of the 50 mg ones cheers Paul

  • Hi I got mine today in Bradford - was supposed to be 60 but they only had 56 ! x

  • I rang Actavis who make them a while back and they said they would be releasing them to Boots on the 10th December (tomorrow).

  • Brill I will pick my prescription up from the pharmacy and c if I can get them over the weekend , I've got some 100 mg ones to tide me over I'll split them , cheers Paul

  • I feel guilty having some in my drawer which were left over when I was switched over to warfarin so as to have my ablation!!!!!

  • I went to get my flecanide today. Usually mine is not from Actavis . I was given my prescription with no problem and guess what ...this time they are! Seems a bit strange when the rest of the country seem to be without doesn't it? X

  • Ask them to try harder, certainly not worth being put on another drug without a struggle. I am near Guildford in Surrey and have had no trouble but noticed a couple of months ago they started supplying a different manufacturer's Flec.

    Good luck!

  • I routinely use private prescriptions. I have found that a good pharmacist will 'shop around' and get the best deal, in terms of packaging and price etc. So, first thing to do is shop around with your prescription, NHS or private.

    Then, try out some online pharmacists if you have a private one -- Flecainide is not very expensive.

    Finally, a British Private Prescription should work in Europe (should, check first). Take a winter break and get your meds. FYI in Tunisia, current prices are 10 pounds for thirty 100mg tablets, no prescription needed. The delights of living in a country without medical paperwork hassles.

  • That sounds great , it's £8.50 per item anyway on nhs ,but I've got a pre payment card or it would cost a small fortune 4/5 items per month cheers Paul

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