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this type of meditation helps me go back into NSR when I have AF. It's called Heartmath. Here is a link to a free webinar to

learn the technique. In addition to the video, on that page there is also a downloadable Workbook and Tool card below the video. It's really easy to learn.

When I get AF I do this meditation ( I usually listen to one of their webinars) I first get relaxed and then about 1 hour later I go back to NSR. Before I started this I had been having persistent AF. Now I get AF about every 2 weeks. ( One of my triggers is overdoing it physically, so I am learning to listen to my body more.) But resting by itself won't put me back into NSR.

I was at a weekend seminar where Heartmath was a secondary component when I first learned it. We were doing Heartmath several times a day the first time it worked. Now I will do it literally for a few minutes when I first get up and longer as soon as I can when I am in AF. Occasionally I do the longer webinar even if I'm not in AF I look forward to hearing other peoples experiences.

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Thanks for posting this! I'm definitely going to check it out! Good work getting your episodes farther apart. Listening to your body is the key!


I have used HeartMath techniques for the last 2 years you can buy a sensor which attaches to a smart phone and that gives you a biofeedback as it tracks your heart variability. What I found interesting is that I now know that when I am in sinus the electrical impulses are at roughly .1 hz, but when in AF they vary wildly and you can actually see the difference as you focus. The video on the hearts' magnetic field I also found fascinating and for me explained so much as to how I pick up peoples' emotions when I am physically close to them. They do such interesting work on a global scale, literally. There are schools in US & UK which now teach students this method, very good results in improvement in behaviour and ability to calm themselves resulting in higher grades.


Great post, you've convinced me to get my HeartMath device back out and try again - Thank you.


Hi Shadski

I meditate to supplement my taichi daily as I am in AF most of the time.This meditation might just be what I am looking for.


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