Has anybody ever been asked to produce their yellow anti-coagulation book when attending clinic or a pharmacy or even hospital ?

I have been taking Warfarin for over a year and have only been asked once in all that time to show my book . I do write my dosage and I.N.R. Number in it myself but I do wonder why as nobody seems to need that information apart from me.


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  • Hi Fi - I've never ever been asked to produce mine and gave up filling it in ages ago. However, if the response on here shows that others have been asked for it, then I may start again.

  • Neither do I Jean. I had forgotten all about it as my INR* test always gives me a print out with dose and next appointment.

    Never been asked to produce it but have been asked for INR and date of last test from time to time. I would be worth keeping up to date in case of travelling.


  • The Senior Nurse who does the warfarin at our local surgery fills the yellow book in. I take it with me to all dental and hospital appointments. If they ask for details then I give them the book.

  • Mine is filled in by the pharmacist at the warfarin clinic. I was asked for it last week at the hospital when I went for a TOE but they tested anyway as I hadn't had a test for 3 weeks.

  • I`ve never been asked for the yellow book and it hasn`t been filled in for ages anyway. The nurse gives me a print out each time I go for my INR check, and that contains all necessary information regarding INR reading, warfarin dosage and next appointment.

  • Same here. The chemist always ask me if I've got a book but don't ask to see it!

  • All very interesting replies.

    I don't even get a printout of INR. I have to ring the surgery and they tell me the dose of Warfarin to take and my present INR number. That's open to so many errors. I have been told the wrong number and dose on one occasion and It's not beyond the realms of possibility to mishear what has been said and if the book is never checked ,what is the point ! I find it odd that for a National Health Service very little is of the same standard in the Country.


  • I get tested by nurse in my surgery and result comes in post next morning or day after

  • I am always asked for my printout with INR and dose details,which INR clinic sends, when I pick up my warfarin from chemist. Never been asked for yellow folder though.

  • Same here

  • I have to phone the surgery or the surgery phones me one or two days after my blood test - I then write the result and dose and next test date in the yellow book - but I have never been asked for it by any chemist. I always repeat the number and dose back to the receptionist.

  • Hi Marion.

    I'm like you always repeat the INR and amout of meds they wish me to take, I always make sure it's right, so far so good.

    I fill in the yellow book myself.


  • I attend hospital for my INR checks every 2-3 weeks and the won't do the test without a yellow book! My dentist asks for it and some pharmacies, tho not all. I carry it with me at all times and also wear a wristband to show I use an anticoagulant. (Reminds me of my mum who always stressed the importance of changing ones underwear everyday "in case you are involved in an accident and are taken to hospital!!) happy Wednesday everyone.

  • The phlebotomy nurse at our practice always asks for the yellow book, and fills it in, and I also get a printout of the current INR and dose. However, the pharmacist doesn't ask to see it.


  • Snap and snap again, Eatsalottie

    I am in trouble if I forget my yellow book at the surgery and I get a printout of INR and dose with the instruction to destroy the previous one. When I was on venous testing I got a phone call and had to fill the yellow book in myself. The printout had to be collected from the surgery, so two visits a week - a seven mile round trip. Given that I've had something like 26 INR tests since July, eight of them venous, that would be 238 miles, but very occasionally the dose was the same and I didn't collect the printout. Each INR test takes at least three quarters of an hour.

    The pharmacy never ask to see the yellow book.

    My dentist asks what my INR is but doesn't want to see the book.

  • I enter my results online to a website at Chichester. Then I get an email back with the INR and dose - which I ignore as I self manage. I do notify them of my current dose but they usually ignore that in turn!

  • I was asked every time I picked up my scripts from Tesco. But in my region we no longer have a yellow book but a ticket that comes with the last 3 inr and the new doses if needed, but we have to hand them in on the next blood test. I was given a yellow card to keep in my wallet stating I am on anticoagulants and their number to call in emergency. We now add the info into my book with slips of paper I scan as the book is full.

  • Same here !

  • All your replies are what I was expecting. It's very different for all of us. Why is it Warfarin is treated almost as a dangerous drug in some regions and so blasé in others?

    I still want to self monitor but am not allowed to with my health authority but I do self test. Expensive but brilliant for peace of mind.


  • I'm very surprised -- I am asked to show my "Yellow INR book" at each INR blood test! I would have thought it is important to have a full record of what is going on ...

  • Why am I not surprised that different regions, or GP practices have a different approach to this !!

    At my own GP the yellow book is necessary at every INR check, and the result and the prescription are written in it by the nurse, and I am always asked for it when I go into Boots to get the warfarin prescription, surely this is how the system is designed to work???? Not everyone is as INT savvy as AF sufferers, and many people are on warfarin but do not have AF. But hey ho, this is the UK where rules are rarely kept to.

  • Always have to take book to nurse who writes results in it and given printout every time. Some pharmacy do ask for book but not all

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