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How do you describe the AF feeling?

I told my consultant it felt like my heart was doing Snoopy's Happy Dance (for those Peanuts fans amongst us) which gave her the giggles, but she did say, yep I get that!

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I have heard descriptions of small furry animals . two teanagers having a pillow fight, butterfly wings etc and many similar.. I like yours!



If you are old enough to remember Popeyes, sadly my GP isn't so hadn't a clue what I was talking about, well the way his heart beats through his chest when he looks at Olive? Well that's how it feels!


When it was bad, like a deranged rabbit trying to jump out of my chest but hitting the roof all the time. Or when it was almost imperceptible, like a tiny little muscle twitching over on my left side of the chest towards my left armpit which is what I thought it was, i.e. a muscle, but it wasn't, it was confirmed AF.



Like Ringo Starr on the drums - with the pauses as well.


I started by describing what felt like a pigeon fluttering in my chest. It wasn't caught on monitor at that time, but from the description alone I was diagnosed with af (paroxysmal).


I described it as a " buzzing " going on in my left chest to the AE nurse and she knew just what I meant!


When I used to get AF, it was like one of the following in my left chest:

1 - A squadron of butterflies in action, or

2 - A mob of octopuses wriggling their tentacles like blazes or

3 - A bag of worms wriggling away

Thank god, not all at the same time !!!

Aussie John


When in hospital recently with tachycardia the Doc told me I was in AF which he could see surprised me and he asked if I could tell if I was in AF. My reply was 'Only when I get the mad bunny hops!' It did answer my question about whether I might be having episodes without noticing.


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