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I met with a AF Specialist at Papworth Hospital this week who confirmed that I have Paroxsymal Atrial Fibrillation as a result of suffering from Wolff Parkingson White Syndrome all my life. I will be having an ablation in May/June and will have to take Warfarin for a couple of months prior to the ablation and for some time afterwards. I have had two ablations for WPW previously, but feel that this will be a whole lot different this time round. What should I expect from the Warfarin and the Ablation in general. Not worried about this but a bit concerned about the Warfarin as I have not taken this before. thanks for any help & advice.

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Hi wpw

I'm going to leave others to comment on the ablation, as I have never had one, but the warfarin?

Nothing to it, bit of pfaffing at first with regular blood tests until you get in range, and then easy as pie, only one dietary no no which is cranberry juice, and then just keep your diet regular, changing diet makes your blood tests go up and down. But it's a non event very simple indeed.



Thanks Ian. I don't drink cranberry juice as a rule but will definately avoid it now. I try to keep to a healthy diet but do like chocolate now and again.


I've had 2 ablations although on the 2nd one they didn't ablate anything because they couldn't stimulate any AF. Both were a breeze. It seems a lot (most?) people have to wait for things to settle but I had an immediate result, no after-effects other than having to be carefully around the groin wound and not lifting etc. Had the first one whilst still awake but sedated and it was easy and very interesting, time went by quickly. They told me first thing was they would send a camera down into my heart and have look, I though oh lordy, lordy, but I looked up at the screen display and they'd done it without me knowing, amazing really. The 2nd one they put me out straight away, don't know why, but that was fine as well but as I said, they couldn't ablate.

I've been on Warfarin for a few years and not a problem really. You have to keep having your INR checked which is a nuisance. Coming up to an op though, I would allow at least 2 months to get your INR stable. Mine went all over the place for the first 2 months if I recall correctly. Then my op came up and of course it dropped out of target days before!!! Anyhow, they still went ahead, must have given me something to compensate maybe?

For my op they wanted me between 3 and 4 INR, which is higher than usual but not heard anyone else had this range required!

Good luck



Thanks Koll. My first ablation for WPW did not work. My second did Both while I was awake. Found it all very interesting. The next one will be done under general anaesthetic Don't mind either way but would prefer not to be on warfarin long term. I just don't like having to rely on any medication. Just might have to


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