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Hi all i Went to see my cardiologist today he said as my visit to A&E did not manage to catch an attack then to stop all meds as of today (been on theses for 5 years) to bring on an attack then to phone an ambulance so should catch af on ecg, then will book me for ablation (but to be able to catch this on ecg first) i am a bit worried about this as before being on meds when i had a af attack i would faint and this scares me, has any one else been told to do this?

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Can't they fit a monitor to you kazzyr instead of rushing into A&E? I'm having a 24-hour monitor fitted tomorrow. That'll pick up events, then the EP can have a look see what's what. I've had them fitted for a week a number of times before and they've done the job and resulted in action.

I've had to come off my drugs 3 days ago so that they can pick up events otherwise there'd be no point. Funny thing is though, my pulse is totally normal at the moment, first time in a year, typical!

Good luck



I have had a monitor several times some with success some with out, i don't no i think he just wants to make sure it will happen :( a waiting appointment for another MRI as i get really breathless and chest pain i had a angiogram 5 years ago and all was fine, so not sure why this happens.


Hi Koll, I had a 24 hour tape last week because of multiple ectopics but of course they stopped before the tape. I stopped my drugs a week before having struggled to control the ectopics for three months. May be coincidence but I have been seeing a Bowen practitioner for sciatica and when he learned about my ectopics he did a couple of treatments on my vagus nerve. More to this world than we understand




Hi. You might consider a reveal device (Implanted heart monitor) for a couple years, although this is normally the domain of an EP. Records everything that happens and you can send the data through the telephone connection to the hospital servers where diagnostics read the results. Ask to see an EP.


A 24 hour tape is unlikely to record an event if on average your episodes of AF don't happen every day. A 7 day tape is much more likely to succeed.


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