Hi everybody

I finally got to see an electrophysiologist after months of being messed about seeking referrals and receiving terrible advise , the general cardiologist i saw previously was a rude and terrible person

The electrophysiologist i saw yesterday at a different hospital was a really nice man what a contrast to the cardiologist previously ,he explained everything and listened carefully and was interested in everything i said , he told me i was on some drugs i must stop taking and should not have been on , what a contrast to my previous cardiologist who was not at all interested and said my heart was damaged but i have now been reassured this not the case which was a great relief

He said i need an ablation and would do everything he possibly could to get rid of the afib , normally their is a 16 week waiting list but he as booked me an appointment to have it done in february

I just wanted to tell everybody that even though its a hassle and believe me it is a hassle you have to keep going until you get to see the right consultant

I would like to thank everybody on here who without their advise and encouragement i would not have got to this position and i would still be receiving the wrong advise and treatment , i know its only the start on a long road but i feel a lot more optimistic now

Merry Christmas Everybody

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  • Interesting story Steve. Very much my experience as well, although not had a rude cardio.

    Until you see the EP, you don't really get very far is my personal experience. Second to an EP, in terms of being helpful and getting somewhere, is this forum :-)

    Happy Christmas


  • Everyone will be appalled by your experience. A rude and terrible Cardiologist is in the wrong job. Please let us know how you get on post-ablation. Your tenacity is an inspiration to us all. Have a good Christmas.

  • Well done Steve and I do hope that all goes well for you in the future. Do remember that you may need more than one ablation but believe me it is worth it. Sounds like you just got a great Christmas present.


  • I am so pleased that you have finally got somewhere with all this. Happy Christmas. X

  • Bob you are an inspiration , you provide knowledge , understanding and great comfort and but for you i would not have known which route to go down , i cant thank you enough i really appreciate your advise

    Merry Christmas

  • thanks everybody for your kind words and support , the system is so very wrong and you should not have to sort all this out yourself , but for you guys i would still be back at square one

    Bob you are an inspiration , you provide knowledge understanding and great comfort and but for you i would not have known which route to go down , i cant thank you enough

    Merry Christmas

  • Steve thank you so much for your kind comments which make it all worthwhile. When I started my AF journey back in 2004 there was no AFA and no information other than what I found on US sites. I vowed then that if I was ever in a position to stop one ,more person feeling like I did back then I would do whatever I could to help. We make our own luck in life and you seem to have done OK so may your good luck continue.


  • So pleased you found the right person who is now taking you seriously. Best wishes for the ablation.

  • My same experience. I am getting very good at not accepting "can not do that" and making sure my voice is heard. Good for you. Had my cryo-ablation done in March and have not had an episode since. A few flutters here and there but not gone back into AFib. You will be happy you had it done. Just remember doctors work for you. You are their employer. If you do not honestly think you are getting the best advice get a second opinion immediately. Merry Christmas.

  • Great news, isn't it such a relief to be heard?! I would bet most of us have had similar experiences, and the relief once we feel we've been put on a path that makes sense helps bring in a calm to what is generally a hurricane!

    All the best for the follow up.

  • Very pleased for you Steve- do let us know how your ablation goes- best wishes

  • Hi Steve. I am really pleased for you and bet that made it a happy Christmas. I really hope the ablation works. I had mine done in November and although lots of episodes etc for about a month I am now over 3 weeks without any odd heartbeats and it is great. I am off meds (not counting warfarin) Remember not to be surprised or disappointed if you are still getting episodes or odd heartbeats in the first weeks as it takes time for the heart to heal and scar tissue to form. Let us know how it goes. Lots of good wishes. Marie

  • Thanks everybody for kind wishes and great support

    I asked my specialist if he would be using radiofrequency or cryo and said in my case it would be radiofrequency that was the the best option to try sort it out , at that point my mind went blank and i didnt ask the reason why

    is their any reason why i would be best suited to that option he said the procedure could take quite some time ,is radiofrequency more affective than cryo

    Thank you

  • Don't know Steve but I had RF and it was immediate success and I had no problems afterwards at all, the AF just disappeared there and then (for 8 years).



  • Thanks Koll I hope I get the same results as you it would be great

  • hi steve . glad your back on track . hope you dont mind me asking. whats the name of the new cardio? and the name of the hospital?

  • Hi , the electrophysiologist is Dr Chris Pepper at leeds general , they have a heart centre their and he was recommended to me by the AFA, I was very impressed by what he said

  • ta mate . are you having private treatment ? cause im from bristol and the waiting list was nine months

  • NHS mate I saw the specialist and I asked how long would I have to wait he said normally 16 weeks but he said he wanted to do me earlier and he booked it himself their and then for February

  • ok thanks

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