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What's the soonest you've had another ablation following first/previous one?

Following my first supposedly successful ablation on 1st November, I was back in PAF within 2 weeks, only worse symptoms and BP and tachycardia episodes uncontrolled. Saw cardiologist Tuesday and he wants me in for another ASAP. He's going to try to get me to top of 'waiting list' as concerned. I'm not sure whether to be reassured or concerned, especially as my symptoms are worse than ever since the ablation.

Also, expected minimum of 3 months before they could judge the impact of the initial ablation??

Thanks guys


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Does seem rather soon. Mine were all about a year apart.

Lest us know what happens.



Hi Bev, I believe you and I had our ablations around the same time. I had a lot of irregular/fast heart beats for the first 4weeks but all seems to be settling down now and nothing for over two weeks. Maybe yours will still sort itself out but sorry, I can't really give much advice re when to have another. I think if it was me I would like to have 3 - 6 months at least to see if anything changed but would also have to listen to my ep's advice and then make a decision. I really hope it settles down and wishing you good luck in your decision making. Marie


Hi. Sometimes after ablation, if a problem recurs, however quick, it might feel worse than it was before, but sounds like SVT and flutter which can show itself a lot of the time after ablation, making you feel like the end is near. However, intense as these feeling are, and it can be bad (mine was, i was in a terrible state when it returned as SVT) another ablation will hopefully sort this out. What happens is the irregularity has been settled but the speed comes back with a vengeance, with VERY intense palpitations, thus making it feel 10 times worse than it was or is. I only say this becos you mentioned tachychardia which can be SVT. IF this is the case, it is easier to ablate than AF.

I'm only suggesting this might be the scenario you have. Sounds like it.

I hope this does not frighten you.

Be well



I had my ablation in February and had so many PAF and tachycardia episodes in the following two weeks that the EP put me on multaq for three months. By the middle of May all had settled down, I was taken off multaq, and thankfully no AFIB since. The EP told me "the heart takes quite a beating" during the ablation and it takes at least three months for the heart to heal. I wish you all the best.


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