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Anyone have notes or transcript from recent talk at AFA meeting in Londonregarding heart/gastric affect on vagal nerve and ectopics etc

Following my ablation almost nine months ago i am AF/AFlutter free and life is just about getting back to normal!!

I do get single flutters when bending, before a burb, when stomach feels full, or when hungry, cant lie on my left side as my heart does a flutter until I move, EP says these are PACs and stop worrying and possibly caused my an irritated nerve adjoining my heart....the vagal nerve.

So looking at what I can do diet wise to help this annoyance, i am beginning to stop myself going into panic mode thinking an AF episode is starting up!!

Thanks to the group and Bob D who got me this far!!! I couldnt walk anywhere this time last year without AFlutter and AF starting.


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We need research on the role the vagal nerve has in starting AF it could lead to less invasive procedures and may be find a cure or am I dreaming!


I agree.......I think an EP would refer you to a neurologist but not sure who is the best person to approach as the gastro/cardio/neuro guys do not always talk AF speak. But I do know a talk was given at the last AFA meeting in London and would like a transcript, or does anyone know the speaker to contact direct??


The talk was at Europe-AF in London on 24th November, was called "The oesophagus, stomach and heart. What is the inter-relationship?" and was given by James Aisenberg who is a gastroenterologist. I did take some notes, but it would be hugely helpful if either a transcript, the overheads, or both, were available. I will ask the AFA office or hopefully they will see this post.


Thanks would be so helpful to know what he said, and how we can help ourselves from this inter-relationship...let me know if you hear anything from AFA.


Actually I can't lay down at all after lunch since few years , my heart will start pounding and most of the time trigger flutter before my ablation or the SVT recently

I rarely got any irrythemia during my fasting days !

It is recommended to eat small frequent meals rather than having three main daily meals

My first recorded flutter which stopped by cardioversion started by a virus in my stomach with frequent vomiting

All that is pointing the vagal nerve but as far as I know nothing can be done rather than good diet as possible , happy to hear any updates in this regard



That's what I get Maitha. It doesn't matter what I eat I get the wobbles, so haven't bothered with a food diary, now graze small amounts all day. When I go to bed, at first I sit up reading and get the wobbles. They seem to reduce or disappear (as long as it's a good book so I'm reading for some time) and then when I lie down the wobbles start again but they do gradually reduce. Never tried standing on my head but bet it would be terrible.

Interesting you don't get arrhythmias whilst fasting. I know nothing about fasting but you must be eating something surely? Do you loose weight, maybe that's a key?


Fasting for us as Muslims usually one month each year

We ate only one meal at sunrise then fast till sunset

Really during the day while fasting the heart rate so stable and calm :)

Never get episodes during fasting , but after eating at sunset back to irrythemia

But can't fast forever lol

I agree with you , it doesn't matter what we eat but should be small meals


That's interesting Maitha re your heart being calm when you fast (miss lunch). I immediately start feeling quite poorly if I do any walking after having lunch. Hmm don't know whether to stop having lunch or have something extremely light. Can't even cope with a sandwich. It will be interesting to see what Ultramarine comes back with after getting her results from her gastroenterologist.


On recent posts, I pointed out that I would be getting all the tests done under the sun? from a Gastroenterologist, this could be available this week, and yes he is interested as he got my latest report from my cardiologist (I informed to Secretary about this first) but it took me a while to realize that I was hitting my head against a brick wall, when it came to some GPs (not all).They see things in separate and isolated areas and sometimes are not willing to marry the two. I hope to get some results before I visit my cardiologist on the 10th of this month I hope there is nothing too scary there, but I am determined to try to understand this condition more and try to get to the cause, at this stage I am still hopeful. A summary of my food diary has been passed onto them (presented well) when these two areas of my body interact, which is most of the time. If you get a transcript of this lecture could you please inform me of how to obtain one thanks and keep well - Ultramarine


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