Saw the cardio today and he as taken me off warfarin, but as left me on flecanide for the next year

I am a little concerned ,okay a lot concerned as he wants me to just take aspirin 150 mg a day instead, I voiced my concerns to him repeating what I have learnt off this site, that aspirin is no use to af sufferers . To my surprise he agreed with me then said it is better than nothing. I am so confused now and feel somewhat unprotected. I haven't had any af for nearly a year but I know that counts for nothing. His closing comment was if you have an attack get straight to hospital. Once again I feel the fear factor creeping in. Just hope he know his job

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  • Oh I am so unhappy for you. as you really don;t need stress right now. This is such a problem as you must know. To be frank unless there is another heart issue then aspirin is actually going to do you more harm than good as it can cause digestive problems whilst doing nothing for your stroke risk.(if you have one). I guess that your CHADS2 score must be very low or he wouldn't have done this but having spent ten years on aspirin back along I wouldn't want to repeat it.


  • I have to still take asprin daily, but also on anticoagulant as well.

    I was on 150 but now back to 75 each day. I have questioned why both, they will not let me stop.

  • I was on aspirin for two years but having my third episode of AF did me a favour as I was re referred to Consultant who advised take warfarin.I'm not suggesting for a minute that having an episode is a good thing. I met the criteria as female and over 65. Have you "done" your Chads2vasc score on the AFA link? My cons. said the criteria had changed -( I presume he meant the chads2vasc scoring) and that at one time nearly everyone was put on warfarin then they got more selective and now the net is widening for anticoagulation. I was told to stay on Flecainide as long as it continues to work i.e. the AF doesn't get worse. Love your name for posting - there used to be a house near us called that!!!

    Look after yourself


  • Unfortunately if your Chads2vasc score is one, and you go to the NICE website, you will see it still (!) advises that doctors prescribe aspirin. Someone needs to start a big campaign to get NICE to change its guidance, otherwise doctors are going to carry on thinking aspirin provides some benefit. After all, who are we against the 'expertise' of NICE?

  • Thank you all for your replies. My chad score off the afa site test was 0 . My echo gram came back as good. As was my ECG and blood pressure. So I think the cardiologist as taking all this into account? Fingers x

  • I was taken off aspirin in August so take nothing jsut Flecainide and bisoprolol

  • Hi kazzyr , what do you take bisoprolol for if you don't mind me asking you? Bagrat I play guitar and sing in a band called llamudos if you read it backwards you might have a little chuckle. You don't live in chesterfield by any chance as I have also seen a house name there

  • Yep - got that no - it was when I lived in Poppleton diff spelling but same meaning "Lllamedos". Much better than "Costaplenty" which also featured in that road!!

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