Suggestions for Exercise?

I am getting so frustrated because I feel that I can't do any exercise. Like others, walking on the flat is usually OK, inclines however are not possible. I have developed both postural hypotension and postural vertigo now which, again makes it difficult to walk even. The nausea is bad with the vertigo despite medication and I just feel like - well - crap unless I am sat or lay still. I will be seeing the doctor again on Tuesday who is testing my blood for all sorts including inflammation which could be present after my gall bladder removal in July. I feel as though I have got loads wrong with me and feel also as though I am getting weaker as I can't exercise. I have permanent AF and heart flutter - due for my 2nd ablation, waiting for date. Rant over, but seriously, and ideas?

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  • I attend my GP exercise class which he arranged for fitness supervision.

    As your GP if they can refer you to a exercise class. It comes in many ages and sizes and all walks of life.

    Good luck

  • Thank you Loquitir, I am seeing him tomorrow so will ask.

  • Swimming works for me, easy in the body but works all the muscles.

  • Thank you Japaholic, I don't mind swimming at all even though I don't swim 'properly'. I had dismissed it because I thought it would be the same as me walking. I will give it a go.

  • The exercise is a pain in the arse and I avoid inclines at all costs. Potter is my suggestion. Potter around in the garden, walkiing, shopping, going out to see old ruins. Don't go in for deliberate exericse as that's just depressing but if you go out to visit a stately home say and potter round that's as good as anything. Also non weight bearing, swimming, riding, yoga and cycling not too bad. The worst thing is other people. Even if they mean to be kind they often take off quicker than I want to so I prefer to do these things on my own but if you are pottering you can stop to admire the view while you catch your breath.

  • Walking is next to hopeless for me. I rediscovered cycling and find a few trips to the shops are no problem. Pedal easily in a low gear, enjoy the fresh air and scenery. Very pleasant.

  • Hi Dadog, I am not too good on 2 wheels even though I used to enjoy the fresh air whistling by when I was cycling. Can you not do much walking either? Thanks

  • Tai Chi is great for me, I love it, it means I am with other people, who are doing it for their own health reasons. It strengthens all muscles and feels wonderful to do. Swimming is another good one, if you like solitary exercise.

  • Hi ultramarine, I did try tai chi and saw how it helped others, particularly with their blood pressure control. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough balance when I tried and ended up on the floor most of the time! Wish I could do it, thanks.

  • I too cannot do any exercise that involves running jumping even fast walking as this will soon start up the old ticker but I have found Aqua aerobics and cycling to be brilliant and very enjoyable.


  • That is a great idea cbsrbpm, I enjoy aqua aerobics (at my own pace!) so will check out classes for that too, thanks.

  • What a great bunch of AF ers you are! This has spurred me in and shown me that I am not on my own with this 'disability'. It is bloody awful but I am sure that your suggestions will help enormously. Thank you and keep on trucking!

  • When I was getting AF and all sorts of other duff rhythms, I started using the treadmills at the local gym. It can be boring, but in time you will probably make friends with other exercisers you can talk to. At least on a treadmill everyone goes at their own pace so they can go faster than you while having a conversation, and you can stop instantly when you want to so your not caught out miles from home, and mentally you should feel that you're in a place of safety. You will probably be able to watch TV if there is no one to talk to. Since my ablation, the gym has helped me build up my fitness and stamina.

  • Another good idea, thank you. Did you have a set target, like 5 mins for a week then 10 the week after etc or just do as much as you can?

  • As much as I can, and I still go to the gym three times a week. If you are sensitive to what your body is telling you, you will soon be able to set what you can do and try and stretch your targets gradually - but always be cautious and don't over do it. The instructors at the gym will be there to advise you, and your doctor may be able to get a medical discount for what they will see as cardiac rehab - as usual arrhythmia issues get confused with heart attack issues. And believe that you can come on a long way - 4 years post ablation l can now go hill walking in the Lake District which I used to do 20 years ago before I developed SVT and AF.

  • I do not have sufficient self discipline to undertake repetitive excercise in a gym. I play golf, at least 3 times a week. It gets me out in the fresh air, and I can pace myself to how I feel on the day (providing the course is not too busy!). Some may say that golf is not exercise, but I think a 4 hour walk up and down dale with 80 to 100 arm swings must be pretty close!

  • Try bowls Froggy, you walk, bend, stretch, it improves your balance, its quite competitive and its a wonderfully social game. I joined a club with indoor and outdoor facilities so I can play all year round

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