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Can breathing exercises trigger AF! Or it is the bad timing during ablation recovery?

Not sure if it is flutter or tachycardia ( those are the one i had earlier ) but I'm wearing a holter right now , I will know later.

I was trying to follow up deep breathing techniques to relax , I'm having anxiety these days and i feel my way of breathing is short and not deep , but I felt more worse ,my chess more tight and heavy after deep breathing and the ugly symptoms started

Any feedback?


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Hi Maitha,

Try breathing evenly and without effort,you'll find just relaxing into it will be more benefitiant and you might breathe more deeply without even noticing . Remember that an easy way to relieve tension is just dropping the shoulders. Hope you feel better soon.


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Hi Maitha, you may have been trying too much too soon and that can cause problems. Terjo's advice is spot on!

Marilyn x


It depends on the type of breathing exercises you practice, you will find some tightness in the chest. You need to check your posture, ensure you sitting upright, not slumping,place your hands on your abdomen, finger tips touching, follow your own breathing rythym, relax your shoulders, no breath retention. No force, you will soon become aware of the gentle rise and fall of the abdomen, the fingertips will separate slightly. If you are lying down, make sure you have a pillow beneath your head and support for the neck, bend your knees, hands over the abdomen, follow the same routine, you may wish to repeat the words 'calm, peaceful'. It will take some time, it will work, Relax and let go.


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