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AF and exercise

Hi. I have not had a AF attack for a couple of months and after having all my medication reviewed I am feeling really well. I would like to become more active, and shift a few pounds, and was wondering what other peoples views of going to the gym would be. Obviously, I will never be able reach my optimum heart rate as I used to because of the beta blockers that I am on that control my heart rate. Do I need to air on the side of caution.

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Hi G. and good for you to be AF free for a few months and to be feeling well. As long as you have dr. approval for exercise, then go for it! A healthy heart needs aerobic exercise and typically, the more active you are, the better you feel and the healthier you are. One of my favorite sayings about living well with A.F. is that you do the best when you eat less, move more, sleep well, and smile every day. Stay well!


Hi - my consultant advocates exercise and healthy eating - and I`m with you Grandma in regard to sleeping well and smiling. Let us take control of AF and not let it take control of us.


I asked about swimming when I was in AF and was told good obviously don't,t go crazy and thatmy arythmia will let me know if I was doing too much :-)


Hi Giddy

My cardio is very keen on me losing weight and has encouraged me to take up a lot more exercise, and I am have now built up to four hours a weeks and working on the 5th in a week or two.

Do check with the GP first please, but mine gave me an optimum heart rate to train to, and then I bought a wristwatch HRM with a chest band, and now I try and keep my heart rate between 155 and 175 during exercise. At first If I was playing badminton I had to drop out if my heart rate got too high, but that quickly seemed to settle down and now I can manage within the range fairly easily. I do make a point of telling either the class instructor or coach of my condition and why I am monitoring, and to be honest they've all been great and very supportive.

So for those who saw me in July at Nosh and Natter, I am 3kg down from that date 7kg down in total, and at the moment it's coming off fairly steadily, I know I will hit a wall at some point and expect it, but right now actually enjoying the weekly weigh in, and of course exercise suppresses the appetite so it's a virtuous circle.

I am not expecting miracles, I will never get a six pack for example, but I would recommend a return to exercise to anyone (doctor controlled please)

Oh and yes I am on beta blockers (calcium channel actually) too

Be well



Hi Thanks for all your replies and as usual some very good advice given. Yes - will speak to my GP before I start anything. Ian, great to hear that you have been able to lolse some weight so there is some hope for me as well. Feeling really positive at the moment so will let everybody know how i get on thanks.


I used to be very active and before my recent flare up managed some very long swims and tough martial arts classes while in AF. However, after my recent flare up and now that I am on medication (Soltalol) I seem to be able to manage the most gentle of swims and because of the Pradaxa the martial arts has had to go.

I'd like to be more active but at the moment truth is I am worried about exercise brining on AF because I'm having less and less episodes which I am very pleased about.

I've only been on medication a few weeks so hopefully I will find a balance again soon.


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