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New Features of the AFA Community

Here's a guide to help you with the new features of this community:

First off, if you aren't receiving email notifications as you used to, please check your email notification settings by clicking on your username in the green bar above.

Home Icon: Takes you to the community's latest activity. This is where you can easily see the latest conversation happening in the community right now.

Whatever was posted in the old community's 'Blogs' section is now in the 'Posts' section

On right hand side in the Questions and Posts tab you can find 'Pinned' questions and posts.

These are posts Administrators have pinned as they may be important, points of interest, etc.

Please Recommend questions/posts that you feel are informative or you feel it would be beneficial to the community to read it. We are going to add notifications for this button very soon!

Tagging is automatic right now but we are working on ways to make it more useful, including being able to add your own tags again as you used to.

'Find people near me' feature is being changed a bit so we will reintroduce it soon in a more useful way.

I hope this all makes sense and is helpful. Please comment below with questions or anything I may have missed.

Best wishes,

Team HU

4 Replies

It has taken me a while to get used to the new system but I am not the most efficient computer user so blame myself for the confusion! Although I do not send messages often I am a most avid reader of the website and consider it to a source of comfort and support for those with A. F. Keep up the good work ! It is much appreciated . Willhall

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Thank you for the kind words - we value your feedback and are very glad you find the community a useful place :) be well


Hi, Im hoping I can make contact with someone, I used to regularly

get posts and for the last week nothing at all. I miss them very much as they were very informative. Im not very computer savvy

so maybe its something Ive done. Please help



I am finding the AFA website invaluable as I get to grips with this new and unwelcome condition. I am a recent arrival to the forum but have been impressed by the measured and sensible replies to my questions. Thank you.


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