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Blood pressure readings

My blood pressure is all over the place, example 141/83 pulse 37

170/91 56

148/100 57

137/73 42

I have had permanent AF for the last 9 years, can any one tell me when I might be in AF

because today at 148/100 p48 I feel great ,but the Diastolic seems to be high, any ideas would be appreciated. Many thanks George

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I'm not a doctor but before two days I had AF and my blood pressure was 100/60 maybe because I'm on beta blocker and flacanide !

As I know the pulse during AF is very high


Hello George, very interesting to hear your comments re blood pressure. I have been on 5mg Lisipronol. But went to see GP on Monday due to my concern re blood pressure, yes and confirmed it was up - so up the dosage of Lisipronol to 10mg. Tuesday came over to Norfolk for a few days holidays, Wednesday every thing had gone 'haywire'! BP166/92 pulse 72 - BP 155/85 pulse 66 felt as though I was on my way!!! Head so dizzy felt so nauseated pulse going scatty. Normally on Dabigatran and Amiodarone. So good friend rushed me to the local Health Centre, was checked with ECG then had to see GP. Thank goodness at that point AF and blood pressure was beginning to sort itself out so after an hour or so I had a smile on my face!! So heyhoe back to holiday and enjoying the lovely weather. Do hope yours settles down and hopefully no drastic effects.



Migmog: I was doing a web search on high BP & low BP when I found your post.

I have PAFIB and haven't had many problems but lately have no idea what is going on. BP is high (170/100 to 193/93) while pulse is low (64-70) when I have chest pressure/pain, mid back pain, nausea and a headache (usually starting with a headache 1st). My symptoms last hours (2-8).

I am on Toprol XL 200 mg. twice a day; Lisinopril 40 mg. & Xarelto 20 mg., Bentyl 10 mg & use Nitro Spray when needed.

I am not ssure if this is heart or GURD related, but next time it is bad I think I will go to the emergency room.

My best to you


Thank you for your answer, hope you enjoy your stay here in sunny norfolk.


Are you recording your blood pressure with an electronic machine or manually with a stethoscope? These electronic machines can give variable readings if you have AF at time of recording. I take digoxin, beta blockers and a calcium antagonistic so my blood pressure is usually quite low. Today an electronic machine recorded my blood pressure as 145/90 whereas the manual recording said it was 110/70.


Thank you for the information dylanfield, my BP is all over the place when I have a cold it goes way up,over 200/60 , it's often up and down so you've made me trust my doctor again as he said it was 140/70 when he took it last month.whenI take it its never that low. I feel great right now and am really enjoying the gardening this year, and the tennis. Terjo


Same here! BP all over the place when using an electronic monitor. This once prevented me from having eye surgery - all prepped up and ready to go - last check in anaesthesia room before theatre and bingo! Electric monitor BP something like 200/110 . Operation cancelled even though I did try to explain, it was in vain. Good luck getting yours sorted x


G'day Georgejen,

Prior to onset of AF my BP was around 136/80 ish (regularly), with a heart rate of around 88 !

The day of AF onset my BP went haywire dropping down as low as 90/60 and heart rate increased and peaked at around 160. During the day my home BP monitor went crazy and often couldn't give readings at all - only error messages. I replaced batteries but the pattern continued regardless. Within 7 hours of onset my GP had me in hospital where I was quickly diagnosed with paroxysmal AF.

Nowadays its all regulated by my meds and my BP is regularly around 127/73 and a heart rate of 63 (which due to Bisoprolol often drops to around 46, which makes me feel rubbish). I'm coming up for 69.


Aussie John


Hi John,

I am 66 and have the same meds and problems. BP 105/73 when active but can drop to 80/45 when I am at rest. Hence when I get up quickly get out of breath and feel like rubbish. Unfortunately, cannot change the dose as my HB is 90 and from experience can get to 180 without meds. So I have to play the cards I am dealt.

UK Ken

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I'm fairly certain that a heart rate of high 30's - low 40's is not a recommended value . You may be a candidate for an artificial pacemaker ( which is not a big deal , and is very tolerable ) and can even be very helpful for an AFibber . It might even help stabilize your blood pressure readings , and is a digital recorder for the hearts' electrical activity. Re: Blood Pressure readings -I believe the important reading is the one taken in the morning , before the coffee and food and stress from the morning news . For the rest of the day , the blood pressure is subject to the whims and stresses of daily life . Hope you're under the care of a good Cardio EP . Best of luck !


Interesting BP readings...I have been told by nurse at surgery to take my BP record reading...then take it again 10 mins later which is almost always lower reading....then average the two readings which I am told is nearer than relying on one reading I now do this.


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