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Does anyone experience sharp short pains in chest .I did yesterday whilst strolling round supermarket!!!

My AF has returned after a successful cardio version 5 years ago.It is much more symptomatic this time which has already seen me attend hospital 4 times in as many months with a 4 day stay in hospital last month as my hr was out of control. Yesterday I got a sudden sharp pain to the left of my chest (this happened twice) Today I have felt a kind of niggling feeling in that area. I feel ok and although I am aware of my heart palpatations this morning I'm ok.I don't really want to involve a doctor if these kinds of things are "normal" in AF.Does anybody have any ideas or thoughts? Thank you. Oh I think I need to add that I am on 7mg Bisoprolol, warfarin and digoxin and see the cardiologist on 11th July with a view to another cardio version.

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Hi Kazzie,

Chest pain is something that should be evaluated. Whether it is severe pain or chest discomfort in the area, or pain in the left arm or the neck, it can all be symptoms of something more serious. Better to check it out sooner than later and better to hear it was nothing than to overlook something with serious potential. Take care and be well


I have had sharp pains in my chest, they were sudden and only lasted seconds. They said they were muscular when I mentioned them.

I agree with SRM Grandma do get them checked out



Thank you everyone for answering me so quickly. I remember being told this by a doctor once before but I think I will get it checked out just to be sure.


Get it checked out.... worth doing just for peace of mind.



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