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Advice please

Hello went to see a heart rhythm specialist last week and he really made me feel a lot better about all my worries , aim currently taking 150 mg of dagibatran twice a day and 10 mg of bisoprolol , was just wondering if anyone knows if it is ok to drink alcohol on these tablets as off to a wedding , also by the end of next week my bisoprolol with be reduced to 5 mg Aday and will be taking flecanide just wondering if this will be a better option , and aim alson on waiting list for ablation

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Hi duckpopper

I am not medically qualified, had a quick peek at and alcohol is not banned from either drug, but as always with alcohol it does effect the anti-coagulant effect of drugs.

So I think the answer is go and enjoy the wedding have one of two glasses of bubbly but not to excess (as in most things in life) There is no indication that some modest alcohol will give you any problems. Of course you could always ring the doctor or pharmacy and check if you are nervous about it

Have a great day



Hi duckpopper,

Last year when I was on bisoprolol and warfarin I asked my GP about drinking during my holiday in Spain and he said no more than 2 small glasses of wine a day.

Enjoy the wedding.



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