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Croatia holiday - stayed AF free ! !

Just back from my holiday in Croatia. Thank you all for giving me encouraging words and support as I was so scared to travel after having had my worst PAF episode ever.

I took all your advice to heart (excuse the pun) and thankfully stayed completely AF free throughout. Sporting a lovely deep tan and well rested. Was scared at times to be abroad not knowing their health care system but did not need to use it. Holiday rep had said their HCS was 'capable but brusque', however I did not need to test it!

Regards all


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Hi Dee,

Happy to hear you had such a good time and had no attacks.



Welcome back, lovely that you had a relaxing time. Next time you are in Torquay we must meet up.



Yes we will. I will let you know when we are down next. x


YAY!!!!! Dee that is a fabulous report and I am so happy your holiday was perfect! Keep up with that wonderful normal rhythm!


Delighted for you Dee and I am really happy no episodes.



Happy to hear that Dee.



Hi Dee

So pleased you had such a good holiday .The experience should make you feel more confident with the management of your AF. Life must go on! I am due to see my EP next week for my 1st post ablation check up & hope then I can plan for a lovely holiday.



Great !!! That will have pushed your confidence up a notch or two..& got a tan too...... so green here !



Thank you all for your positive comments which clearly shows that we all understand what a big impact AF can have on our lives and having a AF free happy holiday is in fact a big deal for us all.

Non AF sufferers look at me strangely when I mention this. Yet another reason for valuing the support on this forum where we truly understand one another. Be well, be happy. Dee x.


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