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A good video to watch for those in the UK. AF related stroke - getting to the heart of the matter


Just saw this video posted by the AFA on FB. It is very informative for those in the UK explaining how the treatment "should" work from your GP to being treated by a specialist.



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Yes Tim,great video and all those lovely people give their time freely for this wonderful charity.


Thanks Tim, more helpful information.

I was started on warfarin yesterday and go back for a blood test on Thursday. There was a time when I would have been hesitant about this but with all the knowledge about AF that I am acquiring I wonder why my cardiologist didn't put me on it last year when I was 65!

Hope all is still going well for you.


great info....just what we need Tim ..thank you .

good luck Angela...I feel the same am just a newie to warfarin but am now at 2.2....so fingers crossed it stays like that.


Many thanks for this - it was informative but also reassuring - providing we all get the appointments with the appropriate people.

How lovely this site is to make one not feel so alone.

I am feeling a bit "bashed about" today as I had a "Flutter" yesterday with ambulance trip - complete with some blue lights and sirens.

Great vid - and good to see how it emphasises the importance of communication between health care professionals and patients.

I too found it helpful. I found out yesterday, my AF nurse has only 3 min to listen to my fears, and take blood, and explain what to do for the best. Not very long me thinks. Thanks for the link Tim. Pat

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