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MO Visit Preparation


Feeling good about my appointment tomorrow, so I figure I'd crack open three Tree House IPAs.

Life's simple pleasures are too hard to give up.

Cheers and Best Wishes to All!!!

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Good plan. Some treatment has wacked out my taste buds and most beers and whiskey just does not taste the same. Some would call that salvation....... enjoy!

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Sorry to hear that.Are you off your ADT now?

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and my toes, to make July undetectable so I can go on ADT vacation.

Mascouche in reply to Hidden

Wishing you all the best and a nice vacation. :)

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ThanksDouble dittos to you.

Keep your head down and charge. You are coming out the other side a winner.

noirhole in reply to Hidden

Never had a vacation. Went castrate resistant almost immediately. Doing chemo now and looking for a clinical trial. I think it may have been the LU-177 that racked up my taste buds. Good luck on your vacation.

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Awesome brews...trillium and TH. After hickey tonight I had a delicious DIPA king Sue from toppling Goliath out of Iowa. Still have some heady topper and focal banger on my ski/boarding trip to VT. Waiting for a small brew from Colorado infused with THC! Dang....

Have appt with my MO to discuss a ADT vacation as it d as I’ll be my first one since diagnosed last Jan. Stay strong!

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1 shot down. 2 to go. So I was chatting up the BS with MO this morning and I find out the he knows my brother really well when the sons played on the same lacrosse club. Small world

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I did. Chemo and radiation killed my tast for 9 months

Looks delicious just got back from a long walk and nothing that tasty sitting around. So just a small glass of red wine for me. Glad you feel good about your appointment!

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Thanks. For my next visit I'll break open a bottle of Coppola Pinot Noir

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Sounds great. We are both working toward the same goal this year. If all things remain the same my last shot will be July 1st and last pill mid October. Same for you?

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Around July 20th. I hate to wish time to fly but August 2021 can't come soon enough.

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I know what you mean but I will keep living one day at a time until it gets here.

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Dam your good .👏👏

Ah, have to make a Treehouse run this weekend, about an hour drive. Been lazy and getting Trillium IPAs, a ten minute drive.

Been a bit apprehensive, will skip my Eligard shot next visit, which is in two weeks. Of course, only if PSA <0.02 is holding, not bad after being diagnosed (06/06/2018) PSA 1000+...


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Awesome. Keep up the good work and your pint glass

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I updated the picture..the TH are too good

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My wife would knock me over the head if I popped 3 cans of Treehouse IPAs. Was going to ask you about the ADT aftermath regarding weight control. Read your profile, way to go, with diet and workouts. I've got lazy the last three months and caught my belly on the mirror by accident, yikes.

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Thanks. Wife is sleeping. Hint ...hint

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What's your favorite Tree House IPA?

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Sent you a chat message...

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Grumpy Old Man!

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My daughter squealed on me and I got a talking too this morning by the wife. I drank 7 of the TH's on Thanksgiving and I didn't remember anything that happened after 7pm. That was a good Thanksgiving 👍

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I am jealous of your beers. Drinking while being treated has been a controversial subject here, but I’m a believer in moderation, including moderation of sobriety. I’ve improved my diet and general health since my dx, but good craft beers are my weakness. When I first went to Treehouse, I thought it was the best beer in the world. Since then good NE hazy IPAs are being made everywhere.

The importance of Happiness and lifestyle are IMO underestimated in living successfully with this disease.

Stay undetectable my friend.

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This site can be a tough read for many. I also firmly believe that it's important to live in the moment we have and that's where I've been able to get.

I normally do not drink more than 1 but last night I was feeling on top of the world and the wife was in bed early..

So when the 🐈 is asleep....the 🐁 will drink.

Thanks and I'll raise a pint to your health as soon as I recover from last night.😀

Cheers!!! 🍻

monte1111 in reply to DarkEnergy

Careful. Broken mirrors bring 7 years bad luck.

Grouser in reply to DarkEnergy

Cheers to you did your doctor suggest this "skip" ! I am thinking of holding off Eligard if PSA is down. The side effects made me unable to walk without a walker and real signs of dementia. I know the doctor refuses to believe this is a side effect but tossing a coin as to the downside of a vacation from the stuff. Good luck and enjoy your beer. My family likes Cape May IPA I am a Bass Ale guy.

DarkEnergy in reply to Grouser

I did initiate the question to my Oncologist, based on my blood draw historic results, all was down the middle, it looked normal, no cancer indication. No progression after PSA 1000+ after ADT treatment. So my cancer was/is ADT sensitive, the cancer may be dead, and did not mutate to feed otherwise. Current PSA <0.02, maybe I won the cancer winning lottery, who knows...

I have to add, once cancer, always cancer, so it's just about keeping it down to live long enough...

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Try some of the Lamplighter IPAs in Cambridge. Very good.

great stuff. Cheers.

6 mo from now that beer in the garden will be even better...esp. if PSA still undetectable.. Good luck

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Thanks. You read my bio. I'm planning out the garden already...adding to additional beds.

Going to grow red beats, radishes, adding a strawberry patch and adding Jalapenos to the Serrano peppers I grew last year. No self respecting gardener would omit tomatoes, so a bunch of those are going in also. As you can see...I'm gonna need more beer.


Bodysculpture in reply to Hidden

Hey Grow some hops and Barley and experiment

They make a really good cider here

It's made from Apples

A friend of mine made a successful batch from simple instruction

Taste great had a mug

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In the plan my friend. I'm looking into buying several acres in the next 2 years for growing hops and barley. Lots of micro brew going under right now and the equipment can be gotten on the cheap.

How's that rickety back doing?

Go on Amazon and search on Turmeric patch. I use the livetolife brand. I swear by it.

Bodysculpture in reply to Hidden

Yoga was the answer 1 week

I started the beginners class in 8 days my back was fine

Need to back off the heavy weight for now

So glad you are doing a brewers project

We all need a project that keeps our interest

Hence a distraction

I am growing my own organic marijuana and it's amazing to see them grow from a seed to a quite beautiful plant

I have a friend who converts it to CBD products

I call myself a plant whisperer I can make any plant grow

Good luck and we must find a way to exchange the fruits of our labor lol

Wonderwoman,a got the whip out as soon as I got my mobility back

Off for a trot now

Then jogs in the afternoon

Reading a great book

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Its a deal. I don't use the CBD products but my sister the barter will work.

Try that patch I mentioned...I think you'll be a convert like me.

They come in 30 day supplies.

Try it for 1 a a week if your not sweat..just toss it.

What’s the great book? Always looking for the next one. Just finished A Guide for the Good Life by William Irvine. Excellent (practical Wisdom from Stoic philosopy, but don’t let that deter you.



I would reccomend this book with anyone with PC

It's amazing

He also wrote






Is rather have three bottles in front of me than have a pre frontal lobotomy. 🤔🤣 good luck with your visit.

Love beer.... but those IPA's are just too hoppy for me. But love the lagers, ales. and porters.

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Munchen for lager, UK for ales and porters.

You have a favorite?

Survivor1965 in reply to Hidden

Hard to have a favorite because there are so so many good ones. Love chocolate porters, milk stouts. Oak Creek here in AZ makes a great Nut Brown. And theres a good Peanut Butter Porter here at Uncle Bears in town. Beer is GOOD!

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The best IPA is in PNW in my opinion.

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And it's name is?

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We have I think 8 micro brews in town now and they all have delicious IPA's Add the others throughout the PNW and I have not found one I have not liked yet. Top Breweries are Pfriem, Boundary Bay, Fremont, Fort George and Georgetown to name but a few. Most have mulitple IPA's. We had a local brewery that had a IPA made with Rye, also delicious.

Very good luck with the op. By the way what does MO stand for

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Medical Oncologist

oh -i see . sorry for my ignorance - usually ive seen those 2 letters meaning Modus Operandi

44 Replies, and no one has mentioned what's behind Beer Number Three. They are either polite or taking Lupron, and I haven't met anyone here who is polite. Wife, girlfriend, daughter, paid er .... actress? You're about 56 now? I hope you have a super vacation.

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That is my daughter...the one who squealed on me about the three beer nite.I'll be 55 next month so I'm with you on a long vacation.

good for you!!!!!

Yum Brother! At a CA brewery(Golden Road in Orange County, CA) bought 3 growlers of Christmas Cart for $10 each via a drive

Fight On

Drink On

Live long and Prosper


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I do believe if I lived in California I would need 3 of those growlers a day.


dockam in reply to Hidden

The Brewery couldn't keep up with the huge demand with the canned beers in stores.Made a lil trip for the 3, then a couple weeks later they were sold out

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That's so wrong on so many levels...

For a better 2021...and beyond.

Cheers !!!! 🍺🍺🍺

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Here's Golden Road web page of beers:

Slainte'.........shot o jamesons for me....good luck

Chocolate chip ice cream (two scoops)....

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Thursday 01/21/2021 7:14 PM EST

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