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Austin TX PCa oncologist ?


I recall seeing a post here recently inquiring about Austin oncologists, but could not find it. I just got news from a friend that he was diagnosed with PCa. Ugh. Sounds like early detection and low risk, but he is planning surgery in December. Urologist who are surgeons think surgery is the best solution. However, given some of the recent discussions here, it sounds like he has some other good options and I want to encourage him to see an oncologist. Thanks.


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A radiation oncologist. Medical oncologists don’t cure patients.

Nice to know there are exceptions.....

Gourd Dancer

Highly recommend Dr John Sarantopolous at UT Cancer Center/MD Anderson in San Antonio. I have been seeing him for three years. Excellent Doc, and leading researcher in his field. When I was diagnosed at Austin Urology the quack there was nasty, and very abrasive to say the least. I started shopping for a doctor, and called Steven Kalter at the Start Center in San Antonio on a referral from Mike at the Prostate Info Network. Kalter then referred me to Dr S as my stage 4 was not really his specialty...

jdm3 in reply to ontheroad589

Thank you. I appreciate this information. Exactly what my friend will need for a second opinion.

Drs Brian Butler and Bin Teh are in academia and research in the Texas

Medical Center at Methodist Hospital. Outstanding Radiation Oncologists. They provided me with 25 sessions of IRMT in conjunction with my seeds implanted in San Antonio. Important that they have not forgotten me and stay in touch.

Gourd Dancer

During my research of medical oncologists in 2010 I came across the name of Dr. Ian Thompson in San Antonio. He is active in research and medical practice. He was my second choice before I found Dr. Amato. Unfortunately my MO now (since 2017) has his own health issue.

Dr Thompson is not seeing patients any more - he leads the urology department at the MARC and will refer now to my doc Sarantopolous, or one of his team across the street at UT MCC-MDA

jdm3 in reply to Cmdrdata

Thanks. Unfortunate for us and Dr. Amato about the health issues. He was on my go to list if it ever comes down to chemo. I hope his colleagues are willing to use similar protocols and combinations, because from what I understand, he was very effective.

I I wish for a healthy outcome for Dr. Amato and, of course, for all of us.


Thank you all.

to jdm3:

A name mention on here quite often is "Eleni Efstathiou, MD, PhD" Associate Professor, Department of Genitourinary Medical Oncology, Division of Cancer Medicine, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX


BTW if she speaks Greek just say Yiasou to her.

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Friday 10/26/2018 5:35 PM EDT

Thank you. Will do. And glad to hear you are undetectable. Very encouraging.

Stay well. Josh

I have been using Dr Shrikhande at Texas Oncology....21 months so far so good....I am looking for a phone contact in Austin with a pca diagnosis....if your friend is interested please let me know...

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Clint Meek

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Thanks so much email is me know if you have any questions.....

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