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Medicare Is Tired of Keeping You Old Men Alive


Wants you to stop treatment and start pushing up grass. The Gov figures they will save save $400 million...of course they forgot to mention the 5 trillion they blew in Vietnam and Nam is the reason a lot of guys developed PCa in the first place and then there is always the 4 trillion blown in Iraq.


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Fuck them.

j-o-h-n in reply to spinosa

Come on now.... don't beat around the bush...tell us what you really think!

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Tuesday 10/09/2018 6:07 PM EDT

They the Gov't needs more money for welfare benefits for the Illegals.


rudyc in reply to Nalakrats

Whoa, really??

Nalakrats in reply to rudyc

Well it appears that I got off base. And Darryl our administrator is correct. The better point that I should have made----> is if we can consider 716 Billion for our military, and 25 Billion for our Wall---might not our Gov't go beyond the Biden moon shot and take 5 billion a year--dedicated to finding either a cure or a Durable Remission, that requires occasional treatment, as to Pca---we do this, and we will also be led to the same for breast cancer--as both are Hormonal Diseases---dealing with Androgen Receptors.



There's many political sites to exhaust your steam, this site is about life beyond politics, please do not litter here...

j-o-h-n in reply to Hidden

I couldn't have said it better!

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Tuesday 10/09/2018 6:08 PM EDT


Important information But, the replies digressed into off topic political tirades. So, I will leave the post and first few replies but turn off future replies

adlerman in reply to Darryl

Hiding your head in the sand is not the answer. If your insurance in Medicare or other government programs you can't ignore what the repugnants are doing.

Dan59 in reply to adlerman

Medicare has been amazing insurance for me, not sure what this is all about.

Cancer itself is a toughie - sort of like internal parasitism. And prostate cancer is like your "crazy uncle Louie" - the one nobody in the family wants to talk about. And by the time your prostate cancer has reached the stage that you're on this forum, you're just an embarrassment to the medical profession. There are highly professional oncologists, of course, but a lot of them seem to just want you to go into a corner and die so they can concentrate on more productive cases. At least that's the way it is with mine. I concentrate on pissing him off by staying alive.

Yep and may you piss on their graves...

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Tuesday 10/09/2018 6:10 PM EDT

Did the geniuses that developed this study apply the same criteria in studies for all cancers for both males and females over 70 years old?

So I had PCa. I was never in Nam. AIDS patients cost 750,000. for treatments for each patient and the Government pays that bill. How about all the other cancers they pay for? How about breast cancer and uterine cancer? I have not been denied therapy. I understand your frustration, but I can say as for right now, I DO NOT HAVE CANCER!!

I said that too... then I woke up... strange dream too.... I was dreaming that I was sleeping...

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Tuesday 10/09/2018 6:12 PM EDT

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