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Gallium-68 PSMA update



Last week we met with Dr. Nordquist in Omaha Nebraska for the lu-177 clinical trial. Everything went well, he is an amazing MO! My dad is now in Huston getting his ga-68 PSMA scan. After this we will Find out if he is randomized into the lu-177 group. It is 2:1 so his chances are higher. Hope all of you are well. I will keep updating as we receive results.

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I'm guessing that the trial your Dad is joining is NCT03511664. If so, people can find info here:

I hope your Dad gets the Lu-177 treatment and that it totally destroys his cancer.

Well ... it may not be reasonable to expect that, but there are men who have gotten great results and I hope your Dad is one of them.

Best of luck.


Thank you 🙏🏻 we will find out by the end of this week.

Yes that is the vision trial for Lu-177..

Thank you for the update. Fingers crossed he gets in and it works in one treatment. Many on here can gain from your Dad’s experience and your sharing and caring nature.

Best of luck! Looking forward to your updates.

Thanks for the update. Please continue doing this so others in this group may learn from your dad’s experience. Ga68 PSMA scan is not yet widespread available in the US so anyone having this scan and corresponding treatment and experience is of interest to me.

My promise I will update. It was the total of 2 scans. The scan itself wasn’t bad he had to drink a large cup of “mocha flavored” liquid on an empty stomach. They also had and IV injection immediately before entering the scanner. It was hard for him because he had to starve for 4 hours 🤭prior to the scan and then it took about 4-5 hours. He complained that it was freezing cold. He had some joint pain afterwards probably because of the temperature. Reminder if you have to get this scan PLEASE dress well!!

Good luck more updates. Please keep him in your prayers that he gets into the treatment group!


Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Wednesday 08/01/2018 7:45 PM EDT

👊 thank you!! All of you are in my prayers!

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