Autophagy - Phytochemicals Used In Anti-Cancer Protocols Can Promote PCa

I hope these Indian Docs are full of sh*t...Nalakrats while fishing, threw his supplements overboard, after reading this paper, so he won't wind up sleeping with the fish. The paper brings up some novel anti-cancer phytochemicals but also states: phytochemicals can be tumor suppressors in the early stages of PCa but used by transformed PCa cells as a survival mechanism.


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  • Statements like the following make this article very ambiguous "In PCa, autophagy induced by vitamins can have both a prodeath and a prosurvival function depending on doses and treatment conditions [52, 53]." The main message seems to be well, it depends. I was originally shocked to find that many oncologists warn against any supplements, because they want the cells to be as weak as possible. And that does make sense, but to me it doesn't make sense to tear the immune system down, nor strive to build it up after chemo. Like everuthing,,I guess all is relative. and the studies aren't being done as much as on chemicals that can be patented. Please let me know if this is correct, the original cancers are continually mutating, and thus we can't be sure if we are doing good or harm?

  • I have never used a supplement that lowered PSA...the thinking seems to be no supplements during radiation or chemo that could effect ROS

  • Gus it is like the 1950's butter will kill you use margarine, Then 20 years later butter is not that bad, as only, 37% of the fats of the total fats were saturated. You know butter is mostly water. So keep using your Margarine, it still has some bad fats. Then It was determined the transfats in margarine will cause cancer and Heart Attacks, stop using, and go back to butter. They did the same with eggs. One decade it will kill you, next it will not, then kill you then not. Oh this decade eggs are good again.

    So is someone going to tell me I have to stop mustard, because eventually the turmeric, will eventually kill me. Or to stop eating cabbage, as the Di-Indole Methane will stop acting like Avodart, and then kill me. Holy Yeshua--give me a break.


  • Nal,

    that is why Bollinger and Mercola are not frauds...some of their stuff is right on.

    About 30 years ago I read Durk Pearson's book...Life Extention - A Practical Scientific Approach...he said then stay away from margerine..trans fats...low fat high carbs...sugar. The FDA labeled him a fraud and got an order against him where he could not write or speak about health...he later got that overturned in a higher court. It was from his popularity at the time that the 2 scammers formed the present Life Extension Foundation. Anyway, I am glad a followed that "fraud's" advice

  • You have no idea how many Doctors went to jail for practicing Natural Healing.

    This subject is in my wheelhouse relative to certain IV infusions to cure Heart Disease, and Cancer. Disgusting, and against Humanity, for the sake of protecting Pharma's Profits.


  • No offense, but these were Italian researchers. Right or wrong they must be genius's to deal with all of that. Red yeast rice. Yeah, my cardiologist once recommended that. I do recall my would-be radiation oncologist advising against anti-oxidants. Just reinforces the notion that prostate cancer requires one to navigate a million choices.

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