Pelvic Pain?

Four weeks ago, I was released from the hospital after having a blocked bladder. I found that it was annotated in my records for at least two years. Never was anything done or said about it. Not for lack of my complaining about it. It's surreal as I look back on it.

I was given a copy of my bone scan, and took a look at it. What caught my eye was the super bright area in my pelvic area. I assumed it was my prostate. When I mentioned it to the radiology tech at my next imaging, he said, that's not your prostate, that's your bladder. I was dumbfounded, But, I never put two and two together. He and his boss both questioned whether I voided or not. And, I always did. At least as much as I could get out.

If my bladder was that enlarged, and holding that much contrast, how the heck can they see my prostate? And, how can they see my lymph node involvement? 

Now, I'm having stabbing pain in, what I would call my pelvic floor?!? Right between my legs. Between sac and butt hole. Could this be met that wasn't seen in imaging?

The more I look back and think about it, the creepier it gets.

I see my new uro on Friday, I'm guessing he'll send me for new imaging. Well, that's it, what do you think?

Thanks All, Joe

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  • I have horrid pain in that area as I stand up from sitting.  It lasts maybe a minute.  My uro tells me that it is due to scar tissue from my surgery (which did not get all the cancer) and to the cancer being converted to scar tissue by the ADT.  Might yours be similar?

  • Hi Brent,

    I haven't had surgery. It was to far along when it was found. Just rad and ADT. I'll keep updating as I go along. 


  • You have made an excellent choice to see another doctor for a second opinion.  Your concern seems to be well founded.


  • good that you're seeing a new doc, and Ihope the new doc figures out what's going on! good luck!

  • Sorry about your bladder issues. The bone scan does not look at lymph nodes ,prostate or your is specific to metabolic activity in your bones. When you see the bladder lite is the tracer accumulating before you excrete it.

  • Hi zig,

    I understand that, but the point is, my bladder was full while the imaging was done. I got to find the CD I have and upload a picture, if I can figure out how to do that.

    Stay tuned, Joe

  • Joe, how about having a cateter inserted prior to the scan. It will allow the bladder to be emptied.


  • The point was nobody told me my bladder was blocked, nor did my Uro's treat for it. It was written in black and white on several of my imaging reports, and it went ignored.

  • Joe,

    Usually, you need special software to be able to see scans on the computer.


  • Hi Joel,

    The program must have been on the disc. I was able to view the body scan, the bone scan, and CT scan, all on the one disc. All my imaging for my urologist was performed at a Virtua Hospital here in Jersey. I've never had an issue getting copies of anything I requested. 

    Friday, I'll get pictures to share. You'll be able to see what I mean. Let me know where to e-mail them. Or is there a way to post pics here?

    Thanks, Joe

  • Joe, That sounds pretty cool, a virtual hospital.  Can yo tell us more about that?

    I think that you can post a picture by following these instructions:

    Write your Post

    Then go down to the bottom of your Post

    You will see – choose file

    Click on that

    Then go to My Documents, pictures or downloads, where ever you have saved the picture too.

    Then click once on the picture you want, to highlight it !

    Then click open

    And hey – presto you will have a pic

    PS you wont see the picture until you preview or publish your Post :)

    Hope this works.


  • Joel,

    Virtua Hospitals, and the Virtua Medical Group, are big players here in South Jersey. Cooper tries, but can't keep up. So does Kennedy and Jefferson. This is my opinion.

    Virtua recently hooked up with the University of Pennsylvania, and Ambramson Cancer Center. After my previous urologist failed me, my PCP and I reviewed my choices, and selected the best in the area.

    No virtual about it, just excellent health care.


  • Joe,

    My error, I read virtual hospital, not Virtua.  That is why I was so interested.  I could not imagine what is a virtual hospital.  LOL


  • hey Joel,

    You and me both. But, someday it's sure to be a reality.


  • Hi rd,

    I had gone to Fox Chase for a second opinion in early 2010. I certainly wish I had stayed with them. I made my decision on

    I've never heard of this type of onc. I'm now going to Penn, and I'll inquire about it.

    I would like to make one thing clear here, my previous onc was an egotistical bonehead. If a doctor misreads an imaging report or misinterprets a test, and passes this information to a patient, somethings askew. The reports I have in hand, clearly state; mets in T11 and T12. Possible mets in left hip and perineum. Now, this guy tells me after he "reviewed" the pictures, that I have mets in T1 and T2. ONLY. What a joke. Then the bladder ultrasound. The records say that on 4/8 @ 2pm, I had 123 cc of urine in my bladder. Later that day, I had a CT scan. Saturday morning I had a blocked bladder, was cathed, and was drained of 2500 cc of blood and urine. That's 2 1/2 quarts! This bladder issue was diagnosed back at least to 2/2013. You would think they would have treated it, or just maybe tell me about it. Sorry for blabbing.

    Thanks for the info, Joe

  • Hey rd,

    Thanks for the link. Everyone should be asked/ made/forced to enjoy the "Man Junk Project" video! It shows what doesn't work in me. And, what wasn't working just six weeks ago.


  • I have come to believe that an MRI with an endo-rectal coil is the way to go. The coil is actually an antenna that is lying against the prostate bed and there is no radiation.


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