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Eating noise

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Does anyone else get visceral rage from others eating or drinking noises? Its killing me...

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Not so much from people, but the sounds that my dog makes when eating can really make my skin crawl. Is that connected to ADHD somehow? If so, I never made the connection.

Hi there, I do not have this issue but from what I've seen, it's a bit common in the ADHD Community. The term for this is Misophonia. Here's an article from ADDitudemag

Yes omg yes

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Marylieh in reply to Rach08

Thank you! Haha...

To the point where I’m ready to lunge at my husband when he’s standing around chomping on jerkey or cereal. I mean, I seriously want to just throw him across the room.

Omg saaaame;) i imagine jumping over the table attacking him and yelling: What are you, a camel??!! Sometimes i have to leave the room.

Oh, do I ever! Chips and ice chompers are the worst

Yes, the absolute worst. Even when someone is chewing with their mouth closed. 😖 my husband just swallowing a drink makes me sooo mad.

I feel you. You live the man, until he eats or drinks...

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