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I'd like the link/info for Clubhouse!!! Please and THANK YOU! :)

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Hello! Love to have you participate! Are you on CH already? I’m at @jennfaust

If not, can help you get set up.

Is clubhouse only on apple devices? I don't have an IPhone.

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Hello! So glad to hear from you, always love to see your thoughtful comments and loving support, i would love to have you participate! Yes, unfortunately CH is only for Apple right now but I’ve been told it will be open to all in May. But if that’s in time for Tuesday, I don’t know for certain. But soon. In the meanwhile, people have been setting up live streams via YouTube for non-Apple users so I’m looking into that. Also have set up FG group and IG because I hear they are launching their own versions of CH. Happy to do Zoom as well if people like that.

Tech isn’t my natural strength so learning a lot as fast as I can to find the right way to do this. Love any advice and feedback. I have put together a schedule and program but just trying to figure out the best way for people to engage. Thank you!

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How do I joimt

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Hello! If you're on Clubhouse, please follow us @jennfaust or @alishalovely By doing so, you should see our event.

For those not on Clubhouse, we've set up a live stream on Zoom.

Meeting ID: 750 024 0614

Passcode: 123

Hope you're join us tomorrow!

How does someone join clubhouse !’nn

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Hello, you may join Clubhouse by using the link below ... you may also join us via Zoom live stream

Meeting ID: 750 024 0614

Passcode: 123

Hope you're join us tomorrow!