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Focalin XR Teacher Feedback

Hello Folks,

My daughter has been on Focalin XR for about 3 weeks now. So far, me and my wife are happy with the change. She can focus easier, we did not feel her personality changed, she still seemed like the same kid, just calmer. We did receive feedback from her teacher today which has me a little concerned:(

'I do feel that at times She doesn't seem as happy or energetic the last few weeks as she had in the past.'

Like I said, we have noticed that she is not as energetic as she used to be, I would imagine this would be caused by the medicine counteracting her hyperactivity. But she has seemed happy to us. I guess I am curious what others have noticed with their kids, if this 'goes away' or just general feedback from others. Thanks.

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My grandson has good results on Focalin

He his doing a lot better in school.


Ask your medical professional’s opinion on how long it takes for a child to psychologically adjust to the thought of taking my medication. My son was upset at the thought of taking medication. In his case, his mindset adjusted over a three month period. His psychiatrist indicated it could take about up to six months. Mind set might be impacting how she presents ...or not. It’s a complex journey.


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