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Good elementary school, for ADHD kid, in a suburb around NYC?

Hi, I am moving to NY and would like to choose the city/community I will live in based on the school for my ADHD 8-year-old. Does anyone know about any school that has done a good job for kids with learning disabilities? I am open to live anywehre if a commute time to Manhattan of about 1-1:30hour. Thank you

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Hi there -

I’ve heard Ardsley schools are phenomenal with LD’s, and social-emotional piece. We live in NYC and are looking to move to West Chester, our son is 7, recently diagnosed with ADHD. We may see you there!

The other school districts I will explore are Chappaqua, and Dobbs Ferry.

Some districts have inclusion, some don’t. I’ve been told if you call and speak to them they will tell you their program mission.

Would love to hear what you find out.



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