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What will happen with false menopause injection

Has anyone suffered with a extended bowl n bowl problems with adenomiosis and also has anyone had the false menopause injection

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I've had the Prostrap injection (false menopause) to quick start mybody for an suspected hormone imbalance.

I really didnt enjoy the symptoms. I suffered from intense night sweats, hairloss, feeling emotional and lack of sleep.

It did improve some of my symptoms, buy I wouldn't have it again. The negatives out weighed my positives.

I'm sure some people will have had a better reaction to it. Hopefully this gives some perspective. Xx


Hi Kirendo,

I have taken the injection 4 times for adenomyosis & endometriosis. It did make the pain go to a minimal level and helped me gain more energy. Side effects can be challenging however. I felt it was worth trying in hindsight.

Hope things improve for you.