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Adenomyosis And worsening period/back pain & clots/scent during mestruation. Perimenopausal?

Hello Again

Trying to gain some advice and insight into adenomyosis.

I am 3.5yrs post labour. My periods have got worse each month. Back pain which has been ruled as caused by my Gynae issues is worsening to the extent I am currently incapacitated. I used to be able to exercise and then was braced for my 3 days per month in bed due to heaviness and painfulness.

I managed this until May 2017.

During my menstruation I find I have pain urinating and passing stool. Deep cramps and a heavy feeling like my uterus wants to pass on out also. I get horrendous cramp, shooting pain and back pain all over my abdomen area throughout the month. Urinary incontinence is looming.

My flow is coming 2 days earlier every month and thicker with more clotting. The menstrual blood this month is really very unpleasant and after flushing and using toilet deodoriser I rise to wash my hands and the foulness lingers.

I am approaching that milestone age. I have been feeling a link with adenomyosis worsening with perimenopause?

Can anyone share their experience of the conditioning worsening in menopause or as such? Any similar symptoms to myself?

Intested in the use of herbal or biomed treatments too, to help me in this transition.

Thank you in advance.