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Slimming World and Warfarin

I have been on a Slimming World diet since January (prescribed by my GP practice) and have found my INR has fluctuated since then. I am still avoiding the same food/drink I was previously but wonder if the diet directly or indirectly had affected the INR results. One of the foods I have been taking more are porridge oats which one web search has said contains Vit.K. I would be pleased to hear about anyone who has experience of diets affecting their INR. Particularly Slimming World. I have lost over a stone so I'm pleased about that.

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I heard the phrase"dose the diet, don't diet the dose"from someone here. Thought that was good way of putting it.

Basically you have to keep yr diet fairly level wrt vit k intake.

I'm vegetarian and have always had at least 3portions of vit k rich foods every day...

You could ask yr anti coagulation nurse for more advice ☺


I am on 2mg warfarin daily and eat porridge daily and my inr stays the same


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