Unsightly veins

Since a DVT and PE in 2013 I am now stable but with Warfarin for life and these horrible pressure stockings also for life. One of the results of my illness are unsightly veins (like varicose) up my torso. I have shown them to both a nurse and GP and they are not concerned putting it down to the body finding alternative routes for blood to travel. But they look awful and I am very conscious of them. Has anyone else had this experience?

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  • I have some on my leg after a dvt. Which seem to get worse in hot weather. I mentioned this to consultant and he was not concerned he just said it was due to more blood flowing through the previously damaged veins. I have just come off warfarin so was worried about them but all blood test have come back negative and showing no further clotting.

  • Hi Lou-p

    Thanks for your reply. I am going to mention them again when I next see the GP or nurse. They are so unsightly! I guess I have to accept my new body image.

  • I have had varicose veins for over 40 years and have had various surgery on them in that time. I take Warfarin for life. The veins are now very much worse and I am frightened of knocking them and bleeding. (I lost a friend who knocked her leg on the bath. No one came in time and she bled to death)

    I spoke to my GP recently and he said they were too bad to do anything and I was too old in any case! I

    I wear support tights not surgical ones. I suppose they help but are so uncomfortable in the hot weather.

    I am having to wear trousers all the time as they look so awful

  • Thanks richchix. My veins are on my torso from my tummy to my chest. Legs OK. I find this strange so looking for others with same experience on torso.

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