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Which Malaria Tablets?

Hi, I am taking warfarin and want to know what is the best anti-malarial tablet to take. Before warfarin I took Malarone. I have been on warfarin since April this year. The pharmacist said there had been isolated contraindications with warfarin but it was not common so I could take Malarone. Everything I seem to read contradicts what the pharmacist says.

Is it ok to take Malarone? For information, I am travelling to Uganda and will be there for about 5 weeks.


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Don't take my word for i but, I take placqunil,( Hydroxichloroquine ) daily with Warfarin, to help with my Hughes / lupus syndrome, perhaps you could check with the people who deal with your INR


Hi I took Malarone, had no problems with it .


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