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Worried about my heart


I am new to this forum - I was diagnosed with high grade DCiS in my left breast and had a lumpectomy with good surgical margins 1 month ago.

I am due to start RT and am really struggling with it. I feel that all the messages this illness has brought are about loving and taking care of myself and submitting my body to radiation seems like a complete contradiction especially with cancer listed as a posdible side effect.

I am also worried about my lung & heart that lie under the breast. I understand the lung to be a more resilient organ and of course it is one of a pair but not so the heart...Does anyone know of any measures to protect the heart, should it be monitored before/during/after RT?

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Hi Gulaabi,

Action Radiotherapy Patient's page offers valuable information about radiotherapy in the UK. You may be particularly interested in DIBH (Deep Inspiration Breath Hold), which is a technique used in radiotherapy to reduce any incidental radiation dose to the heart. Search here for further information: actionradiotherapy.org/for-...

Search actionradiotherapy.org/for-... for other information about radiotherapy.

You can also direct message us via the website if you do have any further questions.


Action Radiotherapy Admin.

Many thanks - this has been really helpful and I have written to my radiologist to ask if I can be considered for DIBH.


I had RT for breast cancer on the left side I to was worried I mentioned and they put a shield thing over to protect heart.

Good luck

Trace x

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Thanks Trace!