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I have arthritis in the L5 S1 region of my facet joints & had steroid injections much earlier this year. Unfortunately, they did not help. The consultant suggested a Rhizotomy procedure but told me there was only a 50/50 chance of success. I had this done in August 2017 & tolerated this well but for a few days afterwards had the most awful burning sensation in my lower back which eventually eased. I went back to see the consultant 6 weeks after this was done & quite honestly I hadn't had any improvement in my pain at all. I was told I now have to rely on pain relief & was discharged from the clinic. About 10 - 11 weeks after this rhizotomy, I began to feel much better & the pain had most definitely eased. What I am now wondering is if this procedure did actually work but took longer for me to get relief from the pain? I can now sit & get up without horrendous pain, something I haven't been able to do for a long time. Has anyone else experienced a delayed relief with this?

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I have had the procedure but with only limited success.

I do think it's feasible that your neural pathways took a long time to adjust to the change in sensations. If pain pathways can become 'stuck' in that they are not necessarily experiencing the same pain as can be explained by the acual damage in your body, then it's likely that they continue to send the message that the reason for your pain is still there despite the nerve endings being cauterised.

Sorry that was convouted but I think you will get my meaning.

Ask your GP ?

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thank you for taking the time to reply. I will be seeing my GP in a few weeks so will mention this to him. I do believe the cauterisation has worked, albeit later than they expected. I was told before I had the rhizotomy that if I was one of the lucky ones, I should get pain relief for up to 18 months & then it could be done again. I didn't find the procedure particularly pleasant but I'm more than happy now it seems to have reduced my pain considerably. thanks again


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