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Activities that help with joint pain?

Has anyone got any advice on activities or things that help with joint pain. I currently have a diagnosis of tendonitis for my wrist, and past ankle pain has been put down to being flat-footed, although the pain did cease and has come back, and my feet don't seemed to be that bad in that regards so I wouldn't necessarily say it is definitely due to that. I have now got trouble with many other joints, and pain which seems to come from my muscles, which I have no official diagnosis of what is causing them.

I am trying to go swimming more often in order to try and help the pain, even though I did have severe pain in the joints after swimming today, I'm hoping that it'll be worth it in the long run, but was wondering if there is anything else that people would recommend in order to help the pains, and to stop them getting any worse. I am only 19 so the thought of the pains getting any worse when I'm just trying the start out in life and want to get a job in my chosen career is not a pleasant prospect.

Thanks in advance for any responses,

Jade :) .

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Hi Kiwimonkey, I'm a fellow kiwi and had a lot of joint pain among other things. Others appear to have mentioned a B12 deficiency to you in reply to other posts and I hope you have already looked into it? It also causes fatigue and anxiety as well as all of these other possible symptoms I have listed on my blog here . The medical fraternity don't understand B12 deficiencies and will tell you you aren't deficient but this article might give you more insights into how they treat B12 levels in other countries who are a bit more enlightened than NZ. All the best and I hope you get some respite soon.


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