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Bechets People in Ohio

I am Teresa and i have had Bechets for 9 years now, I do have alot of the systems that go with it, the pain is really bad some days and the infomation not going down in my blood so now they have me on Rennicade...Is there any one elese on here that has the same med's and if you do what are sone of the side effects and will they go away after you have your first 3 treatments???

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Hi Teresa. We recently joined HealthUnlocked and are delighted to be participating in this effort! If you don't obtain a response right away, please don't get discouraged.We are in the process of bringing Behcet's patients together through HealthUnlocked. The American Behcet's Disease Association has also partnered with the Rare Disease Communities. The link is rarediseasecommunities.org. You may post questions there as well. Additionally, you may voice your concerns on our Facebook page. We are listed under American Behcet's Disease Association.

Thank you for taking the time to join HealthUnlocked and I hope you feel better soon!

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Mirta Avila Santos