Anxiety and weight loss

Hi I've been suffering from anxiety which started in July and have had ups and downs since. It's been health related which is anther story! However since August/September I've lost half a stone. I have changed my diet to be healthier. No bad carbs (doughnuts, white paste etc and have cut out sugar a lot) I've only just this week started working out.

My question is, is this much weight loss normal in the space of just over 2 months? About 3 weeks was spent not eating much as i waited for a specialist appointment.

I know if I didn't have health anxiety I would be over the moon with the weight loss right now but because of my anxiety I can't see it as a positive thing, just something to worry about.

Anyone out there been through something similar?


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probably nothing to worry about but if it accompanied by frequent and loose bowel movements for an extended period of time, you should see a gastrointestinal specialist maybe to be sure there is no ulcers, Crohns Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or some sort of lesion/tear in the lining of your intestinal track. Many medications can sometimes cause this as a potential bad side effect. Regardless, anxiety alone will often cause weight loss which happens for me whenever I have a flare. The anxiety increases and for days to weeks nothing with my appetite or digestion is normal and I lose weight I cannot afford to lose as I'm already underweight. This was never the case before I was diagnosed with some sort of autoimmune disease (possibly Behcet's but not sure). Also, I'm not sure what your personal specific health related trigger is for the anxiety but one good medication to try if you have panic attacks is clonazepam.