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I am Male 23 Perfectly fine human being with no problem at all in body few month back,It all started on july 27th with a minor headache and dizziness and I went crazy ever since,Now I have come to state where I fell I have 50 type of cancers and deadly diseases ,I have lost 4 kg of weight I have problem with my throat always burning I have problem with my stomach always bloating I have problem passing stool thin and narrow, I have shaky legs which feels like lifeless .I have Pain in eyes,Back pain and chest pain while breathing.All these symptoms I have developed in Past 4 months How wonderful right??I have gone through All type of possible blood tests(CBC,Thyroid,Lipid Profile,Liver HDL,LDL, ESR , WIdal etc),Name any blood test I have gone through all except from Little high LDL and little less HDL everything was perfect.Also gone through MRI,CT scan of head normal, ECG and chest XRAY normal been to 15 doctors from past 4 months no diagnose.I have become frustrated now I am 100% sure it is not anxiety anxiety doesn't cause sore throat for 2-3 weeks,anxiety doesn't cause leg weakness ,thin stool ,Back pain etc.I have never been to doctor before that but from 4 months I am only looking for doctors all around. I am 24*7 stressed because of it these days.Any suggestions will be grateful.