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I am relatively new to the melanoma community. My son was diagnosed 1 year ago with 2-A melanoma on his shoulder. I was privileged to attend Hill Day in Washington, D.C. in March and learned so much along with meeting wonderful and strong people and caregivers. As a mother, it's very frightening for me as we are always so protective of our children. I look forward to learning from everyone's experience and providing support wherever I can.

Thank you!


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  • I remember when I was diagnosed with melanoma in 2009. Stage 1. I had no idea what melanoma was and what could happen. I didn't even know it was cancer. A few years later, I was diagnosed with stage 4. Talk about an awakening. One thing I learned is that the whole melanoma community is so supportive and helpful!


  • Hello Dot,

    Welcome to the group!

    Your son is very lucky to have you by his side. A good support group is important to the cancer journey.

  • I am still learning about this new website...hi, Dot, I just saw this post just now. Thanks for posting here and sharing!

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