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World Health Innovation Summit



Cycling 200 Miles to Speak at The World Health Innovation Summit

Since launching The Tartan Explorer Movement in November. I’ve had support and messages from people and organisations in over 39 countries from all over the world.

One of these organisations is the World Health Innovation Summit. The World Health Innovation Summit’s mission is to provide a platform for all to share knowledge and inspire innovation in health and social care.

They want the best health care system in the World and they want it run in the most efficient and effective way so we all benefit.

They organise conferences and summits all over the world to bring together industry professionals and leaders to share ideas and visions on how we can all work together to live in a better world.

Founder Gareth Presch has been a massive supporter and advocate of what we are trying to achieve with the Tartan Explorer and has asked me to be one of the speakers at their 2 day event in Cumbria this coming March.

It’s an absolute honour to be asked to speak at this event and it’s a great platform for me to speak more about the Tartan Explorer movement and our vision of a society with mental health fairness and equality for all and free of suicide.

Over 300 industry professionals and delegates from around the world will meet at the 2 day event in March and will be joined by myself who will be cycling down from Scotland for the event.

The event is a 200 mile round trip away from my home in Livingston, Scotland. So when I was looking at the map and thinking of how I would travel to the event, I thought well it’s only 200 miles there and back why don’t I just cycle?

It’s only 2 weeks before my big Scottish cycle challenge so it’s good training and I thought what a great way to be unique and stand out at the event by being the only person to arrive by bike and appear on stage in my unique Tartan Explorer cycling outfit.

I’m very thankful to get opportunities like this and be able to share our message with so many people. There’s so much momentum behind the Tartan Explorer and it’s just getting bigger and bigger.

I’m getting more and more public speaking opportunities with 3 or 4 more events lined up over the coming months with more in the pipeline.

With each passing day of 2016 I’m growing stronger both mentally and physically, more confident and ultimately happier.

I’ve learned that helping others and positively impacting society is what really makes me happy.

Happiness is the key to everything I do this year.

I made a promise to myself at the beginning of 2016 that I would put my health and happiness before anything else for the first time in my life and I think I’ve managed to find something that makes me truly happy :)

Josh Quigley - The Tartan Explorer