World Health Innovation Summit

How can we improve our health services?

How can we improve our health services?

“Together, We Inspire”

We want the best health care system in the World and we want it run in the most efficient and effective way so we all benefit. How can we deliver this?

According to our World Health Organisation determinants of health are:

– the social and economic environment

– the physical environment, and

– the persons individuals characteristics and behaviours

Our health services are stretched and under increasing pressure. Excessive pressure to provide effective health care will continue to rise as our expectations do. We need innovative ideas to support our health care system and the World Health Innovation Summit provides us with that opportunity.

A solution – Our World Health Innovation Summit is a new innovative way of working together to find solutions and provides us with a platform for us all to work together.

The World Health Innovation Summit is not just a conference or a meeting. It’s about our communities coming together to work together to improve health care for all on a continuous basis. By supporting our communities to share knowledge, inspire and innovate we as individuals and a community benefit.


By bringing patients, clinicians, managers, voluntary sector, education and businesses together to exchange knowledge, inspire and innovate together we all learn and our health service will benefit.

Health touches every sector (education, technology, building etc) and in order to find solutions we need an innovative idea. This is it, It’s about every one of us helping to support our health services. In order to do that we need a platform for people to contribute and meet to share their knowledge and the World Health Innovation Summit provides that platform to do this in a consolidated structured process and innovate solutions.

So let me explain what I mean, If we look at the banking sector as one example – they have technology systems that work extremely well and they have been moving sensitive information around for years, Now think about bringing that knowledge into the room to help us deliver efficient and effective technology for patients (i.e me and you) our health care staff will benefit as it will result in less stress (they get better technological support) and the patients (our families) will benefit as they will get more treatment time from our over worked doctors and nurses. It will bring solutions to the table. It’s also in the benefit of the Banking Sector and technology sector (as an example) as I’m sure they and their family will use the health service someday and want the best possible treatment they can get, and by having efficient technology they’ll get seen in a more timely manner and have a better health outcome.

You can apply this to every sector – the building trade as another example, For example, if I was a builder who has an innovative way of delivering new, clean buildings (environmentally friendly) , We provide the platform to share that knowledge that the builders have (for example) so our health services will benefit and ultimately we benefit. It will help our staff and improve patient care while bringing costs down – The builder benefits as it will help him and his team as that knowledge helps the health service, which in turns helps the community.

We as a World Health Innovation Summit team are committed to our communities and working so that we as a society all benefit.

Our business model is – we will make our events and activities accessible for everyone. All we need to do is cover our costs. I’ve funded everything up to this point in relation to all expenditure for the World Health Innovation Summit and I’ve done this because I believe this is in the benefit of the community, but more importantly in our children’s benefit. We will bring in revenue by partnerships, sponsorships, digital sales and a number of other commercial activities that will mean we can put money back into our communities. Excess funding after our costs will go to local community projects.

World Health Innovation Summit is here to support you and the community and our focus and aim is to help every one of us, as we all want and need the best health care service we can provide for ourselves and our loved ones. It’s about us coming together to work together as a community so we all benefit.

I’m happy to address any question or concern anyone may have and as I’ve said this is set up for us all to benefit. No matter what industry you are involved with you and your family and your staff will need the health service in some way or another in time and the World Health Innovation Summit is here to support that service so that we all benefit.

Our first event takes place on the 10th & 11th March 2016 in Carlisle, Cumbria. Excess funding after costs will go to the Cumbrian Flood Appeal. We have further planned events in 2016 for London (Women’s Health in Africa) , Greece (Wellness) and Austria (Leadership).

Our motto is “Together, We Inspire” and by working together we will inspire and deliver better health care for all.

Gareth Presch,


World Health Innovation Summit

@HIC2016 @garethpresch