World According to Lupus

Have been not diagnosed yet

I think I may have lupus, but I keep being dismissed as crazy by doctors who run blood labs and don't find what they are looking for to believe anything is wrong. I have gotten sick easily since I was about 18 or so, with persistent cough and stiff neck. Now I am 29 and have started getting muscle pain always, and always fatigue making my entire day grey and tiring. I cough and get chest pain when I flare up, get horrible skin boils and random allergies to things that flare or subside. My last skin boil started with a rash across the bridge of my nose that started spreading to my cheeks. I had a fever, woke up in sweats, and my GI tract hurt, and my back and sides hurt. My vision blurred a little bit, and I got so tired and shaky I couldn't even work at my job at a call center... it starts to clear up this week, and the rash returns faintly pink, and the stomach pain and weakness throw me back under the bus. Along with this, it feels like my heart races if I try to get up and I get weak limbs. I can't handle the sun either, and I live in Arizona, LOL!! Being overexposed to sun can make me sick all week, or sometimes a month. I don't know what could be going on. Do you guys recommend anything I can do to push docs to diagnose me, because I don't get better from going to shrinks for this, and I am on an anxiety medication. Not being stressed helps, but doesn't fix it.

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I am not a doctor, but those sound like the symptoms that I went through. I'm guessing doctors have already ordered ANA tests or antinuclear antibody tests that usually determine whether you have an autoimmune disease sitting in you. As for the other tests, my rheumatologist took care of those, I would get yourself a good rheumatologist. I remember they took 11 viles of blood. The tricky thing with Lupus is that the symptoms can come across as a batch of a whole bunch of other diseases. It is called the great imitator. Always minimize stress, for me exercise at night always works since Lupus is triggered by sunlight. Focus on your health, once your health is on board all the good stuff then starts to follow.