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How prone is anyone whose both parents are diagnosed with cancer

Hello everyone

Let me explain the background.

My father-in-law aged 75 dies of Brain Tumour(gliomablasto) on May 30th.My father in law mother also died of Cervical cancer at Approx 75.

Now my mother in law aged 65 is diagnosed with Womb cancer and its spread to Lungs and Leg Bone(Its in Stage 4).She has no history of any cancer diagnosed in her family tree.

I have no family history of cancer.I am aged 40.

Please guide

My worry is how prone is my husband(Age 46) and my 14 year son to cancer.?:(

-Is there any process to be followed to keep my family out of cancer?

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Hello, apologies for the delay in replying to you. I am sorry to hear about the members of your family who have been diagnosed with cancer.

As far as statistics go, the more close family members that have been diagnosed the higher your own risk of being diagnosed. I would suggest that perhaps your husband asks his GP for a referral to a genetic counsellor and then a specialist so that they can run tests and determine if he is at risk.

Other than not smoking; maintaining a healthy weight and exercising regularly there isn't really much else you can do to avoid cancer. It is just a case of trying your best to reduce the know risk factors.