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Awareness of womb cancer

Awareness of womb cancer

There is very little awareness of womb cancer even though it is the 4th most common cancer amongst women and latest available statistics from CRUK (2010) show that around 9,000 women a year in UK are being diagnosed with it.

Sadly many of them had never heard of it before they were diagnosed, myself included.

We are pushing the NHS in England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland to run an awareness campaign like they do at present for breast, lung and bowel cancer.

In the meantime, WCSUK has produced some awareness leaflets that are available and we are encouraging people to help distribute them to Health Centres, Well women clinics, advice centres etc in the hope of reaching out to as many women as possible and helping to raise awareness about womb cancer.

If you can help distribute some of these cards then please email us at wcsuk@hotmail.co.uk and I'll send you some.

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The answer in beating cancer is through knowledge and understanding so please if you can just irstribute cards that be great, i told all my medics about it at every appt and now not only do tehy give out but also give us a link to help pther...