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Being fighting Fit


It is really important to be fit and active, Health is wealth is a very cliched saying but it is so true and never more so when we fall ill or contract major ailments.

Most of our health problems arise due to unhealthy eating habits and a stressed and sedate life style , Research shows that Diabetes, Blood pressure, liver ailments etc can be brought under control with well planned diet and exercise.

Being overweight is not only not aesthetically appealing , it also leads to depression, loss of confidence, hiding from social events apart from being a target for diseases.

We should be sorry for our knees and other weight bearing joints for coping with extra load and our dear heart which is working overtime .

Try this and see how u like it , take in your hand a sack of !0-15 kg rice and walk with it all over your house, Do you like it... Ok now i am sure you get the message.