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Skin too sensitive to wear a bra



Over the years, my skin has gotten so sensitive that I can't tolerate wearing a bra!

Part of it is allergies: I'm allergic to black rubber and disperse dyes.

But it goes beyond that.

I can't tolerate spandex, lycra or elastic anywhere on my body. Absolutely nothing stretchy.

Even 5% spandex hurts like the devil.

And even cotton is too rough on my skin. It feels like sandpaper.

I am able to wear a sports bra made of extremely thin spandex 1-2 times week (with breathers in-between) if I coat myself with Cerave Therapeutic Hand Cream twice a day.

As soon as I'm done exercising, I have to remove the bra, shower, and coat myself again.

For special occasions, I can wear a very silky nylon bra with very minimal, very thin spandex -- again, after coating myself up with the lotion.

But on most days, I'm forced to go braless (I'm a 38C), which makes me look and feel like a pasture animal.

Any advice out there?

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I am so sorry you are having this problem it is very hard to find bra's, undergarments, and clothing without the spandex or elastic. The Rubber Accelerators and chemicals that are added to latex mostly synthetic latex, like spandex and elastics can cause these reactions. This article is just a reference to what you already seem to know about your allergy and reactions but it is helpful. If you have not done so, you will want to identify all the rubber additives/chemicals that you are allergic to and that can be done by a dermatologist with a T.R.U.E. test

Companies should be able to help you then find accelerator/chemical free products.

Here are some companies who maybe can work with you to find a bra

Decent Exposures (800-524-4949), Marks & Spencer-, Blue Canoe (888-923-1373), Cottonique (888-902-6886), Her Room (800-558-6779), and Hygeia (415-465-0923),

Let me know if you need further help

Lalanna in reply to SueLockwood

Thank you, honey. I have had comprehensive patch-testing.

I am not allergic to spandex and lycra but they hurt my skin so much. So do microfibers. So does elastic.

I am allergic to black (but not other-hued) rubber, and also disperse dyes.

I've been to all the shopping sites you've mentioned and have not found what I need.

As I said before, the best I can do is find bras with:

1) very slippery soft nylon cups and a minimum of very thin spandex;

2) or very thin spandex alone (for sports bra).

I can wear these if I coat my whole torso with the Cerave Therapeutic hand cream twice a day. (on clean, showered skin.)

But I can only do this 1-2 days a week. (The skin needs time to "recover" from wearing the bra.

Most of the time, I go braless, which I hate.

But I will NEVER stop trying to find a solution, so THANK YOU for caring, I really appreciate it!

I know they make a drawstring bra that is free of any latex. My mom has a major latex allergy and had trouble finding bras she didn't react to (underwear is more comfortable with the drawstring than the bra). After many years she found someone who actually stitched flannel (I think that was it, it was very soft) over all the rubber parts on a comfortable bra and this has worked wonders for her.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful ideas.

I tried the drawstring bra - it doesn't work on my rather large breasts.

Also - it seems that even when the offending material (like rubber, etc.) is covered, the pain "leaks" through.

Again, thank you so much and if you think of anything else, please let me know!

Do you have a favorite fabric by chance, dear?

Lalanna in reply to Inmyfeels29

Yes, a silky nylon seems to be OK on my skin. Any ideas?

Inmyfeels29 in reply to Lalanna

Yes! You should have a seamstress use the material and make a bra like garment it can be a slip on if claps are bothersome or the fabric won't support them, i hope this idea helps! Take care!

Lalanna in reply to Inmyfeels29

Thank you!

Inmyfeels29 in reply to Lalanna

You're welcome any time!