On Sinus Health

With spring allergy season fast approaching, if you have environmental allergies then talk with your primary care doc or allergist about sinus problems.

Sinus headache and postnasal drip are the most common complaints about sinus congestion. Other symptoms:

• Sore throat

• Constant throat-clearing

• Fever

• Sleep problems

What other symptoms do you experience? Share with the community. Here's more information about the role the nose plays in allergies:

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I've found that a good extra virgin coconut oil pull works for both me and my husband to lessen the effects of allergies, especially nasal symptoms. Swish your oil of choice, as long as it is EV) for 20 minutes or so, then spit it in the trash. Do not swallow it and do not spit it in the sink - it will harden at 75 degrees. A few weeks of that and you should notice an improvement in your nose and throat..

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The other thing that works for sinus irritation and allergic reactions, my hubby uses a NeilMed Sinus rinse, and another friend uses a Neti Pot. Personally, I can't do that for some reason. It makes my feet dance as stupid as that sounds...

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